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Who's the hottest Disney prince? 2006-01-24
You heard me. Who sweeps YOU off YOUR feet?
World Scariest Movies 2006-02-16
The World's Most Creepiest, Disturbing, and Spine-Chilling Movies Have Finally Been Released Thro...
Who's The Best Actor Of All Time??? 2002-03-27
Who do you think is the BEST actor???
the ultimate Lord of the rings poll 2004-01-27
this is the second I made and a little bit better then the first one and ofcourse with the Return...
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Michael Vs Leatherface 2003-08-22
Freddy Vs Jason Vs Michael Vs Leatherface
The Greatest Actor Ever 2003-02-19
Who would you vote as the best actor ever? Going by their perofrmances not the films they have ap...
Harry Potter Vs Lord of the Rings 2003-01-02
i wonder how this poll will turn out...
Harry Potter Wrestling 2012-05-18
Characters from Harry Potter in wrestling matches.
Star Wars vs Harry Potter 2011-09-08
Two of the most famous and successful movie series of all time!
Who is the greatest actor of all time? 2004-04-26
Who do you think is the greatest actor of all time?
What's the Best Animated Disney Movie? 2004-12-15
For this poll, I will concentrate on about ten Disney films, all animated.
Jason vs. Michael Myers 2004-12-08
The showdown between two of the baddest bad guys!!
Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings 2002-02-06
Okay, here's an interesting one...
Vote for the most beautiful actress 2001-10-24
Tell me who's the biggest head turner.
The Greatest Film Actress of All Time 2003-04-21
Your voice will be heard!
What do you think is the greatest Super Hero Power?
Godfather vs Scarface 2003-11-24
Welcome, this poll is designed to answer the age-old question "Which is better, The Godfathe...
Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael 2004-03-08
Which of these three slashers reigns supreme in the horror movie world?
The Unofficial Dirk Pitt / SAHARA Movie Poll 2005-04-03
Fans of Clive Cussler make their voices heard on the Dirk Pitt film, "Sahara."
Best Die Hard Movie? 2003-09-02
Ya, im bored
Twilight 2009-06-16
Answer honestly, nobody has a clue what you've done or how you feel
New Drizzt Do'urden movie casting call 2003-06-06
There is already a poll concerning the cast choices for a hopefully future movie based on the adv...
If u could spank one of these female celeb's, which one? 2001-12-31
If u could spank one of these female celeb's, which one would you spank?
The BEST movie ever made 2004-11-28
Here's the IMDB's list of the 200 best movies ever made.But what out of these movies will be the ...
Dark knight vs Dark knight Rises 2012-09-11
Which is the better overall movie Dark knight or Dark knight rises