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Girl muscle [Girl Only] 2014-08-13
Girl muscle [Girl Only]
Teenage boys swimwear 2014-08-13
What do you normally wear before, whilst and after swimming in a communal pool?
Modesty for female athletes 2014-08-05
This poll follows up on my Girl's sport coachs and modesty poll. http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/...
Life jackets 2014-08-05
Life jackets
AOGS 2014-08-05
Rules Changes for Any One Given Sunday
Smile of the Year 2014-07-24
Thanks for a Great Season Everybody!!!! Winner of Smile of the Year will receive a free toothbrus...
Local UK Leisure Centres 2014-07-14
Local UK Leisure Centres
Girls fighting - stop or watch? 2014-07-08
You see 2 girls fighting on the beach - do you break it up or let them fight it out?
This Poll is for All GIRLS Who HAVE BEEN KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS while taking part in a SPORT, Please...
This Poll is for All BOYS / GUYS Who HAVE BEEN KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS while taking part in a SPORT, ...
Best Footballers-Best Positions 2014-06-30
Every footballer plays best at his personnel favorite position. Let's choose who's the best and ...
A poll for all handgun owners 2014-06-30
These are just some basic questions to bring people's shooting habits and firearms preferences to...
What caliber (gun) do you carry for personal defense? 2014-06-30
A quick look at what firearms we carry for defense
Least favorite sport 2014-06-19
Least favorite sport
Can a 12 year old girl overpower an adult guy? 2014-06-09
I am a 5'8 140 lb adult guy, not very strong, i can maybe bench press 80 lbs ten times at most. A...
How Strong Do You Think She is? 2014-06-09
Iron Girl Kayla, former YouTube account awesomevideos26 which was deleted by Google. Just how str...
Gymternet Poll 2014-05-19
Gymternet Poll
Gym Clothing for men 2014-05-05
This is a poll for men and women about what they would like to wear or see men wearing in the gym.
Speedos are? 2014-04-21
What are your option on speedos?
My mom wrestles professionally 2014-04-14
Fans of seeing there mom in a wrestling situation, be it pro ring, mat or bikini.
The Undertaker Streak Ends At 21-1 2014-04-07
Brock Lesner ended the streak at Wrestlemania XXX! Take the poll and continue the discussion in T...
Men only swims 2014-03-31
For decades the YMCA in the USA required nude swimming for men and boys. In the 1970s, it became ...
Boys Tennis 2014-03-27
What is it like for high school tennis players?
Long distance running (men only) 2014-03-27
Long distance running (men only)
Luvabulls Playboy 2014-03-25
Which of the following current Luvabull dancers would you most like to see in Playboy?