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Smoking: Are people going too far?

I love smoking

Posted by gradientsky on 2008-09-28 22:13:08

I am 14 and I love it, it should not be banned at all! I even smoke around my young siblings and let them try it. wetpuppy22@yahoo.com

Posted by Bensonslad on 2017-10-03 00:44:53

I always wanted to smoke and when I started loved it so much. I love being a smoker, always will smoke and have never dated a non smoker. I love when people notice smell of smoke on me, my clothes and breath. All family smokers and will smoke any where and when have kids around and none of them quit smoking as pregnant. Mum said that she would crave more when pregnant with me and bro. Said it helped her, we both born OK.

I am with a man who is heavy smoker and proud of it too. Loves smoking as much as me and his family are all heavy smokers, all inside there homes and if kids want to smoke they can at home if they know that it's so addictive and bad for health. Most in our families smoke from 10 or 11, "oldest one was, 12 when she started and youngest was my cousin at 8 just after my brother and I started, daily smokers.

All have had odd drags from parents, aunts, uncles cousins etc before, 4 - 6 when most first ask. Usually when on holiday, seeing everyone changing all the time. I did as kid, wanted to see what it tasted like as must be good as dad and my uncle had been smoking nearly whole time since there.

I have always told anyone that asked me about smoking the truth, that I love it and why I do and how good it is. It's better when everyone is smoking, all enjoying the pleasure at the same time, see it on their face and looks so much better when you are smoking. Plus great smell on people

Posted by andrewpk on 2021-01-17 09:20:32

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