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What's your goal in life?

Everyone's goal in life is

Posted by minervo on 2007-03-04 15:50:10

happiness. All the other answers revolve around happiness. Peace, comfort, wealth, world domination, etc... If that is what you want, you only want it because it's what would make you happy. Therefore, happiness is the only real logical answer here.

Posted by cochese8 on 2007-03-08 07:22:10

Since your goal in life is to be happy, it is reasonable that you would see all your actions (making money, doing well at a job, world domination) being directed toward happiness. Other people may not value happiness as much as other things. That was the point of the poll.

Posted by Nickismynickname on 2007-03-28 04:04:20

I would have to agree that happiness is the only real choice here. I'm sure if I was wealthy but had no friends or family and was in poor health I'd be willing to trade money for those things. If I dominated the world, but it was a constant pain because people kept fighting against me and attacking my friends and family and making me less rich, I would rather have less grip on the world and more peace. Yeah, you should take happiness out. It does make the other responses more interesting though. Maybe just leave it in. It doesn't matter that much, I guess.

Posted by Rakeela on 2007-06-01 01:33:19

Good point. I see my life as revolving more around production than anything - I value productivity higher than raw happiness. This isn't to say I don't value happiness at all. Happiness is indeed a secondary result I achieve when I judge myself as being productive, while unhappiness tends to stem from self-appraising as unproductive. Production is a higher value though, with happiness being the second-order good that arises from it.