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How many under18 still get spanked as punishment

The Way It Was

Posted by lagochapala2008 on 2009-05-19 20:13:02

Too old for your poll but curious as to results. As a teen, dad paddled & whipped my butt and my junior high & high school had the parental consent on file use the paddle to my seat if I misbehaved...they did too.


Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-05-27 12:37:54

I`m older now but i was spanked up until i was 16, the school did have my parents permission to use the paddle on my butt which they did but they also informed my parents when i did get paddled so when my dad got home i would recieve another spanking.

Posted by R.J. on 2009-05-27 17:52:50


My dad did the same. Our high school paddle had holes that added a sting even wearing my levis cause we had to empty back pockets before we bent over the principal's desk. Most times it was 5-6 swats but you could get up to 10. The note home got my bare butt whipped that evening by my dad using his belt. I was 16 for my last whipping too. I had a mouthy attitude at 16 dad said...was it a home or school matter that got your 16 y/o butt paddled?

Did your dad use a paddle or his belt? Did you get it bare butt at home?

Posted by paddlebutt on 2009-05-28 00:37:23

You younger guys at least had the protection of wearing jeans, in the 50`s we wore thin slacks which afforded almost no protection at all from the teachers paddle. At 16 me and a friend of mine were out late it was already 9:30 pm i was suppose to be home by 9 on a school night so i knew i was going to be grounded for the weekend. We started throwing stones at a sign in our town not a very smart idea one of our throws struck the sign at an angle and hit the store front window and broke it to make a long story short we both got picked up by the cops our parents agreed to pay for the window and i recieved the worse beating of my life that night and another one in the morning. Dad used his belt and depending on what i did it would have been on my briefs or butt naked.

Posted by R.J. on 2009-05-30 20:56:47


Ya'll, my levis saved my butt getting paddled. Did you guys just bend over with hands on knees for paddlings or bent over the desk like we were? We had to empty back pockets, did you or they thought thin slacks was going make swats hurt anyway? Were you still getting school swats at 16 or just from your dad?

When the cops got you & took you home, did you & your buddy know your $%!@ was on the line for a beating when your dads got hold of you? You got the belt butt naked that night I bet. How about your buddy, he get his $%!@ whipped too?