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Quit Smoking Survey - Smokers and Non-Smokers

Quitting Smoking

Posted by tezza on 2005-11-12 09:51:37

I am a fifteen year old male who has now become a regular smoker with cigarettes. I started smoking when I was eleven when I got very stressed and it seemed like a good way of releving my stress. At first, I was only having the odd cigarette a week and soon I was smoking daily. I got my cigarettes from vending machines and I was cool about it. I developed the habbit and I was smoking as soon as I woke up in my boxers. I now smoke about ten cigarettes a day and I am very mature about it. I so believe that smokers have rights and it ddoesn't make you a worse person if you smoke. I am not the typical schoolboy who smokes to become cool but simply because they help me. I have one in the morning as soon as I wake up. One before school behind the science block. I have one at morning break and two at lunch and one at afternoon break. After school I light one up and I have a few at home, in my room which I share with my brother which is the only place I am allowed to smoke as none of my family smoke and it would be inconsiderate for them - even though when I open my door smoke gets out. My brother has no problem with me smoking in the room because hes reasonable with me. I don't smoke around people at home, apart from my brother and when I am in school, other people who smoke are with me so they don't mind. My parents know I smoke and were not too happy about it at first but now they don't mind because they know I am sensible. I enjoy smoking a lot and it is quite a pleasurable experience. I don't intend on quitting because I enjoy it too much and gives me pleaure. The times I need a cigarette are when I: get up out of bed, finish $%!@ing, after meals, after smelling or seeing people smoking. I am aware of the health risks of smoking but it helps my mental health even if it does affect my phisical health. Smoking has not affected me much yet in three years: i have nice hair, good eyes, good taste ans sense of smell, no wrinkles, large $%!@ (comared with other boys in changing rooms) and i don't my sperm count has been affected. I would not buy cigarettes for anybody under 16 because i do not support or encourage the habbit for underage smokers (even though I started when I was eleven.)My older brother, who I share the room with, is not a smoker and is 17. My younger brother is nearly 11 and I dont think that he smokes although he does sometimes smeel like smoke. If he has started smoking, I hope he has not got the idea from me. I'm now going for a cigarette.

Posted by Bensonslad on 2017-10-03 01:56:25

You smoke still,? I do and all my family are heavy smokers. I don't want to get sick from smoking but don't mind that I will die younger.

I love being a smoker, family all smokers and having a heavy smoker as partner. We have never not started or end the day when in bed together smoking ciggies. When first together I changed to his brand, benson and hedges gold 100s and glad that I did. Said that would like me to smoke as much as he does and if together that when 1 of us lit a ciggy then other would too. I was soon 40-60 each day and 60 plus weekends.

I love how much we smoke, being with another smoker that loves it as much as I do and with a family like me family, everyone smokes and inside too is amazing. People know us as chain smoking couple, on holidays always proudly smoke in all the photos., 80 a day or more. Have got thru a, 200 pack of bensons gold 100s in a day between us. If I had any kids I would hate if didn't become smokers. But they would grow up around everyone smoking. I love the taste of smoke as speaking as pumping out naturally. Would want to do that all the time talking to kid. Looks so cool and when partner does it too love the smell of smoke that been thru his lungs, different to the fag smoking myself. Dad did loads when younger and always smoked as reading bedtime story, look so good made me want to do too. And said that taste best doing that. See on his face that love smoking and I want to be same, smoke loads so I can have the feeling of doing something that love doing all the time

Posted by andrewpk on 2020-11-27 12:05:59

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Posted by andrewpk on 2021-05-22 21:29:30

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Posted by Kero9876 on 2022-01-14 20:41:27

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