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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Girl, 9yo, Durban, abducted by alien-looking persons in a van

Posted by Aquila on 2017-06-12 19:48:44

Girl, 9yo, Durban, Abducted by alien-like persons in a van

I am girl from Durban. I'm cathy, 9 years old. I was abducted by aliens I think. Maybe they where dressed as aliens. I was walking home from school on Friday, I was put in this strange van. Any way they had dogs and I had to get undressed and the dogs mated with me. They told me if I tell any one I will have their puppies and it will be sore so don't tell any one ok.


A strange van came towards me. Some alien-looking beings came out of the vehicle and approached me. Also some humans came out of the vehicle and approached me. Also some humans appeared by me, but I did not see where they came from.

The beings that came walked normally. The real beginning of the event began in some other way, but I do not remember how the event began, until that van appeared, but I remember what happened later.


They carried me away. They stripped me totally naked. To long.


They talked with me and questioned me about my life and opinions. To long.

They looked at and felt on my head, face. mouth, eyes, ears and nose. I do not remember they examined my breast, stomach and back. To long. I do not remember they examined my limbs and joints.

They looked at and felt at my intimate area. They fingered me to make sure my hymen was still in place in my bald 9 year old little tight $%!@, and then they got their dogs to $%!@ me all day, on my hands and knees, $%!@ off.


They let me walk out through a door and I walked back. I felt tired and drawsy when I was back.


The girl was most probably catched and abused by persons disguized as aliens. By the way, a girl cannot bear puppies after intercource with a dog. The interaction with the dogs was possibly not real but staged in some way. Intercource with dogs all the day for a 9 years old girl would make her badly injured.

It is however also possible that the abuse, that by itself, was real in some way, was a disguize for some kind of experiment they did not the girl, and that those that abducted her worked in some secret governmental project.

The sexualized language the girl used in her response may have also been used by those abducting her, and also had the purpose of making people disbelieve her story.