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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Boy 15yo Kentucky abducted to aplace for intimate experiments

Posted by Aquila on 2020-03-16 01:03:15

Boy 15yo Kentucky abducted to aplace for intimate experiments

I am male. It happened in rural Kentucky, 15 year old. It was back behind my parents place in their field. I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approahced me. Came up fast and stopped really quickly. It was completely silent, that was the weirdest part.


They paralyzed me with an device they ponted at me. I suddenly was inside the vehicle or some foreign place without knowing how it happened. I just remember it being really bright and not much else about the actual exam room.


More about what they did to me. They stripped me totally naked. |They emptied my bladder with a tube inserted into my urinary opening. They emptied my colon with a device covering my anus.

They let me sit waiting after the preparation at a sort of chair. When waiting I was strapped down. I saw teenage people being prepared together with me. The preparation and exam were in the same room I saw other boys being prepared like I was.

They couldn't make noise either but I could tell when they were uncomfortable because they would breathe quickly or cry.


They monitored my reactions with devices on my head. They monitored my reactions with devices at different body parts. They tested my reaction with devices at my pelvic area genitals or rectal zone.

They stimulated me with electrodes at various body parts and tested my reactions. Lots of little shocks and detailed exam


Same room. Few details I can remember. I cannot remember they examined my head or neck. I don't think they did much with my head other than place some kind of wires on it. I do not remember they examined my breast stomach and back. Nothing to do with my torso. They stuck needles into my joints and limbs. They examined my joints and limbs with electrodes. Minimal stuff with my limbs but I remember some needles in my thighs.


They looked at and felt at my intimate area. They examined the outside of my genitals and pelvic area with something like x-ray or ultrasound equipment. They inserted a thin and long instrument in through my urinary opening like a cystoscope.

They stuck needles into my genitals. They examined my intimate zone in other ways.

This is what I really remember being a teenager and caring so much about my $%!@ and balls.

They spread out my balls in these little rings and pulled them forward. I remember the rings kind of heating up and then I started to feel weird and get really hard. My foreskin is pretty long and covers me all the way when Im hard. They got hold of my $%!@ and stretched the foreskin back and stuck needles in the head and I started to cry from fear and pain.

I could see most of the other boys crying at this part, and the boy next to me had a really tight foreskin and they made him bleed a little when they pulled him back. I felt these shocks and then I started $%!@ for what seemed like minutes. Then the put these beads under the head of my $%!@ and rolled my foreskin back up. As they dissolved it really burned and I could tell the other boys didn't like it either.

Our legs were held up in these cradles and spread wide so they had easy complete access to our junk. Not much else I remember. Same room I think


I just remember waking up in the field with my pants on backwards but otherwise clothed. No explanation or information was ever given. I do not remember how I got out. but I woke up at the ground somewhere and walked back. No memory of it.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. My joints and muscles were aching. I blead or had discharge from my urethra. I had cuts on parts of me. My clothes were messed up or put back clumpsily. My $%!@ burned for a couple of days and for about a month after the head of my $%!@ was so sensitive I couldn't even let water touch it. It was embarrassing to have such a dirty $%!@ and it started to smell through my clothes.

Ever since I have produced a very large amount of semen whenever I $%!@. Maybe that was going to happen anyway since I was still going through puberty but I guess I'll never know.


This experience is much like many other alien abduction experiences. But there is nothing in the story that cannot be done with technology developed at Earth.

The vehicle that came can simply be a drone that can navigate like a helicopter or a manned VTOL vehicle of a secret type. The boy was surely paralyzed with waves or possibly gas let out either from the vehicle or by somebody standing hided.

Being paralyzed the boy got carried away. most probably by a van that had parked at some distance, but possibly by the flying vehicle. The vehicle most probably was used to attract his attention and make him paralyzed and uncoscious.

All the examinations and the experiments told about can be done with standard medical instruments or with instruments constructed for these types of experiments, but using ordinary and known technological principles.

Most probably a secret governmental project took the boy away and used him as a guinea pig in a project for surveillance of the young people in the population and for medical research.

They probably carried the boy to a nearby center at which also other boys got carried after being catched by the same method or other methods and the experiments performed there.

Such projects surely work at a thight time schedule and with stressed personal, which result in clothes being put back clumpsily or the like.

Knut Holt


Posted by wildcat0609 on 2020-03-21 04:17:22

Thank you for posting my story. I realized there was a little more detail I want to include to make sure you and the other experts out there have the full picture. I remember that it was around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, and I had just finished up with school for the day and had gotten home. I was out in the back field behind my parents's house going after our dog. As soon as I got home and opened the door he just bolted for the woods behind the field, and I wanted to fetch him before it got dark. I had jogged halfway into the field hollering after him when I saw this black dot in the sky. There were two weird things about it I noticed right away: first was that it was completely silent. It almost seemed to take sound out of the air if that makes any sense. Like the wind and trees got quieter when this thing got closer. Second it was just a pure black shape. Even as it very rapidly came closer to me I couldn't make out any features on its surface. It looked two dimensional. A black line came straight down from the bottom of it for what looked like a couple feet (it was tough to tell just how close the thing really was to me so I don't really know how big it was), and all of a sudden I couldn't move anything except my eyes. I blinked and when I opened my eyes I wasn't in the field anymore. Instead I was in this room, I guess it was a room. I was in a chair with straps around my ankles and chest. I could only move my eyes still so I think the straps were just to keep me in place while the chair moved around. I could look around with just moving my eyes enough to see there were other boys in this place with me, and I was shocked to see they were all naked! That's when I first realized I was naked too. I was really embarrassed because I was only a freshman in high school and I was kind of small and scrawny for my age. Even though I thought my $%!@ was an OK length, at that point it was still pretty thin, and I have a really long foreskin that hangs over an inch off the end when I'm soft. I was so ashamed that these other boys could see my weird looking $%!@. There were maybe 7 or 8 of us that I could see, all in a circle of these chairs. I recognized the boy next to me from school, he was a couple years younger than me and his sister was in my grade. He may have been in the 7th grade but he was always crazy lanky and probably a foot taller than me. I could tell he was scared because he was breathing really fast and his eyes were darting all around. The boy on my other side was older, maybe 16 or 17, but I had never seen him before. Almost all the boys looked to be about this age range of 12-17. The oldest looked like he was in college.

Everything that happened next was automated, there weren't any aliens yet. I'm just going to call them aliens because that's what I thought was happening at the time. I think of them as these weird creatures in my mind, but honestly when I try and remember what they looked like I just see people in masks. Anyway before these aliens even came out the chairs started to make noise and I felt something right over my hole. Suddenly I felt all this warm liquid go up my butt and my stomach started to hurt a bunch. But almost as soon as it went in the machine sucked it back out. It did this a few times total. I felt something move between my legs and immediately looked down and saw this weird tube coming up towards my $%!@. I was so scared that I couldn't even breathe while I watched the clear tube cover the length of my $%!@. As soon as it covered all the way I felt something cold at the opening of my foreskin and felt something go all the way up my $%!@ and drain out my pee. It didn't hurt as much as I was expecting, and when my bladder was empty the tube and whatever went inside me retracted back under the chair. After that I felt a band lower around the top of my head and tighten until it was touching my head all around. Looking at the other boys I could see that there were wires coming off all around these rings. The chair also put these little tags with wires on our shoulders and the outside of our thighs. Once we had all this stuff hooked up to us we just sat there for a while. I can't remember how long we waited but it seemed like a long time.

Eventually the aliens came into the room with us. They seemed to just walk from behind the chairs out of the bright light flooding the room. There were only three groups of them and they kind of rotated around to work on all of us. They started at our heads, and it seemed like they were just making sure everything was connected right. They started to run this metal stick thing over my arms and it was making my arms twitch. The whole time they were working there were two of them focused on my body and a third one just holding this device that seemed to have a bunch of information on it. The one with the device seemed to be directing the other two or making little adjustments to what they were doing to me. I started to breathe a little faster when they got these long and really thin needles and put them into the muscles on my arms but the pain wasn't that bad I guess because the needles were so thin. While the needles were in they ran this plastic thing over my arms and I could see a picture reading out on the supervisor alien's device like some kind of scanner. They did our legs next and it was a similar routine, first little shocks, then needles and scans. The older boy on my left looked like he was trying to be brave and not react at all to what the aliens were doing, but the boy on my right seemed really distraught. His breathing got even faster when he saw the needles and when they put the needles in his thighs I saw a couple tears come down his face. It seemed like that was pretty much the end of what they wanted to do because they all left and we sat there waiting again. I think whatever they did to us was starting to wear off because I started to be able to move the top part of my face a little more again, although I still couldn't talk or move much other than my eyes and forehead.

Too bad for all of us, I was wrong. They were not finished with us. After sitting there again for ages, I felt the chair start to move underneath of me and I started to really panic when I saw and felt what it was doing to us. The bottom pieces of the chair were rotating outward to open up our legs and then lifted up to raise our crotches up and forward. At this point even the older boy on my left started to look nervous, breathing a little heavier with his eyebrows raised up and eyes straining down anxiously to stare at his vulnerable adolescent manhood. We were all totally exposed and many of the boys started to turn a little red in the face. I did probably more than any of them and I felt like they were all staring at my funny looking pencil $%!@. I felt a little better when I looked to my right and saw that even though the younger boy was taller, between his long skinny legs he still had a smaller $%!@ than me (although not by much) and his foreskin looked super tight like mine was when I was a little kid. I didn't feel better for long though because I went right back to wondering what they were going to do to me. I was right in the heart of puberty and I was jerking off all the time. The thought of anything bad happening to my privates made me feel like I was going to pass out.

After the chairs had us in position, two pairs of oval rings, each connected by a hinge, extended up towards my balls. Each ball was gently isolated by a pair of rings closing around it. Once the machine had a hold of my balls it pulled them apart as far as they could go and raised them up a little. I felt the rings start to heat up but it was weird because I didn't feel the heat on my skin that was touching the metal rings directly, it felt like the heat was starting deep inside my balls. Once the heat started I got this weird feeling in my stomach and my $%!@ started to get really really hard. I was mortified but when I looked around I saw that all the other boys were hard too! A couple of them even had some precum starting to ooze out including the college kid and the older boy to my left. The aliens came back at this point and started taking readings, using that scanner thing on our $%!@ and sending more pulses of heat through the rings holding our balls. By the time they were finished my $%!@ almost ached from how hard it was.

Just when I thought I might shoot I the heat stopped. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw the alien reaching for my $%!@ with one of those long needles. They stuck one in each side of the base of my $%!@. I was trying hard not to cry, more from the fear than the pain. The aliens turned back to me and one took my $%!@ into its hand and started sliding my long foreskin back. I was petrified and I couldn't keep the tears back when the other alien stuck five needles around the rim of my screamingly sensitive exposed teenage $%!@ head. I wanted to squeeze my legs closed and shield my helpless $%!@ so bad but I just couldn't move at all. They moved on to the older teen on my left and started the same process on his package. He kept up his brave face until they started needling the head of his $%!@ too and then he melted down crying just like I had. Even the college boy shed a few tears and had an occasional stutter to his breathing while the aliens worked on his organ.

The younger teen on my right got it worst of all, though. He had already seemed way more shaken up by everything than me but he really lost it when they started handling his $%!@. He started crying with the first needles in the base if his $%!@. When the aliens went to pull back his tight foreskin though his breathing got ragged and he tensed his eyes shut tight. I could see that he aliens were pushing on him hard, and they even made him bleed a little when they finally dragged his skin all the way back. I think that may have been the first time his $%!@ head ever saw daylight. When the alien that hadn't just torn open his virgin $%!@ started studding the newly exposed head with needles the boy's ragged breathing was punctuated with these long breaths out, like he was screaming even though he couldn't make a sound.

Once we had all had our needles placed the aliens moved towards the center of the room and the aliens holding devices started manipulating some controls. I started to feel these little shocks sizzling though the head of my $%!@ and down to the root, and as they got more intense I started to feel a ton of pressure in the root of my $%!@. Before I knew what was happening I could feel my jazz flowing up my $%!@ and starting to pour out. The feeling was insane and I think I must have jazzed for a couple of minutes straight. I couldn't see how much stuff I had pumped out but the boys next to me had put out enough to spill off the end of the chair and collect in small puddles on the floor. The college boy made the most by far, though. I could see his eyes got wider and wider as the minutes went on had this desperate look by the end of the first minute or so, and he was panting like crazy. By the end he had about a two-foot wide puddle under his chair. When the shocks stopped I stopped $%!@ and the aliens came by to us one by one to pull out the needles. When they pulled the needles out, the took these small red beads and put them under the head of my $%!@, rolling my foreskin back up over them. I could feel them sort of dissolve under there then my $%!@ head just started to burn so bad it felt like there was a flame directly on my $%!@. All the boys were squinting in pain within 30 seconds of having the beads placed. I passed out, either from pain or from something in the beads, I'm not sure.

I woke up laying face down in my parents field with our dog licking my face. Even though it felt like I was in that place for hours, it was still light out and it was like I was only gone for five minutes. My arms felt a little sore as I pushed myself up onto my knees and I felt exhausted. I was a little dizzy when I got up and when I stretched out backwards I had to double back over forward again as soon as my $%!@ touched the inside of my jeans. The tip was burning really bad under my foreskin and when I looked down I saw that my jeans were on backwards. My clothes were normal other than my backwards pants, so I walked back to my parents house and went straight to sleep. I had to walk bent at the waist with my hips rocked backwards the whole time because my poor $%!@ was so sore. The next morning I felt a little better, but every time I tried to talk I kind of stuttered a little or would jumble up what I was trying to say. It was also super weird when I got home and was talking to my parents because when they would ask me something about school or cross country practice I would start telling them and then realize that stuff had all happened the day before. I couldn't remember much of anything that happened the day after I got taken and it was like my brain had just filled in the blanks with events from the day before.

When I tried to pull back my foreskin in the shower to wash, it hurt too much to try and stretch it back. It took about three days before I was able to slowly peel it back again. It hurt a lot pulling it back and when I was skinned all the way down I saw that the inside of the foreskin and the head of my $%!@ had a bunch of tender welts and blisters all over. Even after these healed, the head was too sensitive for any water to touch it in the shower. At the same time, with it being so sensitive I could feel it all day and that made me want to jerk off all the time (I would usually leave my foreskin covering the end anyway). Between jerking off even more than usual and not being able to wash I think my jazz started to build up under the skin because my junk started to smell really bad. It kind of smelled like old fish or when you heat fish up in a microwave, and I could see all this white stuff collecting under the skin if I pulled it back. After a couple weeks I had to try and just hold my skin back all the way every morning and shake off some of the white stuff or very carefully pull off the bigger pieces, and by the time I was healed up enough to wash it in the shower the you could smell my unwashed $%!@ through my jeans. When I was changing for gym I had to try and stay away from everyone else in the corner because it got 10 times stronger if I was just in my boxers. I could tell that the kids at school could smell it when they were near me and I was so humiliated because I knew it smelled bad and there was nothing I could do about it. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm overly focused on my junk but as I mentioned before that stuff hanging between my legs was basically the center of my universe when I was 15, and as disturbing as I'm sure the rest of the abduction should have been all I really cared about was my privates getting back to normal.

Ever since that night I got taken, I have made a huge amount of semen whenever I jazz. Even now several years later I seem to shoot at least 11 or 12 times each time. I can't say for sure if it was related to the events I experienced since I was still developing when they took me. I didn't finish puberty until the next year anyhow. I still have no idea who or what these things were that took me. It was interesting to read your comments on what these events might have been, and I'm curious if these additional details of the story help put more pieces together to help understand what all this was. I'm just happy to be mostly back to normal.

Posted by Aquila on 2020-03-22 20:22:38


Thanks for your added account

After reading your further detail, I am even more sure you got abducted by a governmental project of a kind that is constantly running in many parts of the world to surveil and test the development of kids.

The experience of sound being sucked out of air is a technology used by the military to make flying vehicles noiseless. But obviously the technology was not perfect, because it took away other noise too, which tells that it is something made on Earth, and not any superadvanced alien technology. The technology is not very secret either, since it is also used in sivil applications. It works by sending out sound waves that go counter in face to those made by the vehicle.

Even though you could not grasp the size of the object, in sounds like a rather small drone that was used to catch your attention, and paralyze you, by physical or chemical means.

But the flying object might have been a black helicopter with some camouflage.

What brought you away was most probably a van, but possibly by the flying vehicle if it was a helicopter or the like.

The automatic preparation was using advanced technology, but still within the possibility here on Earth. There is nothing mystical about this technology.

Your experience falls in two big bulks after the preparation. In the first bulk all kind of bodily reactions were tested, and for this to be possible they kept you awake. All of what you tell about this uses standard medical technology, although at some steps employed in a somewhat strange way.

But after that you were put to sleep. I am sure they inspected you inside your urethra, bladder, kidneys, anus, colon, stomach, etc with long scopes during that part. This part took a long time.

You were probably gone 5 hours, and when you came back, it would still be light, but it is possible that they brought you back 4-5 o'clock the next day. But in that case your parent should have recognized that you were missing, if they were in the house that day.

The behavior of the staff show that they worked under a very tight time schedule, and under high mental pressure, and a pressure about not to be detected, which is natural when a project abducts a lot of kids , examine them i all thinkable ways and bring them back again within 5 hours. Under such circumstances something will be done clumpsily, which can cause clothes to get put back wrong or cause some harm like you describe. This also points to a governmental project.

Possible the purpose was not only to examine kids, but also to test new advanced medical equipment under development, and equipment the government get developed to abduct persons and handle abducted persons.

The exaggerated pubertal reactions the time afterward was possibly something caused with purpose by the project. In that case you probably had another examination at a later time, but taken to that exam in another way. That you saw older teens point to that. That you saw younger children also suggest you had such an exam also at a younger age, but not necessarily after that kind of abduction.

When did all this happen, and can you remember any strange medical event before and after that abduction too, possibly one where you got taken in another way?

Knut Holt