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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Girl, 11yo, Colorado, abducted from camping for exams

Posted by Aquila on 2021-05-31 15:14:35

Grl, 11yo, abucted from camp for bodily exam by secret governmental project

This result got obtained form a poll about alien abuction, but those abducted her were almost surely a governmental project.

I am female. It happened at Eastern area of Colorado, at 11 years of ag, nn a rural area on un-owned land (or land that's owned but doesn't keep people out). Me and my family would go camping in areas like this. My parent's don't like organized campsites and would find wide open areas where we would organize our own camp.

I've covered everything I can remember. Everything took place in the same room. No message they never communicated with me in any way.


I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approahced me. In the middle of the night I had to go to the restroom, just to take a pee. Our rule was always to go at least 100 feet from camp to keep animals from getting too close to us- very few dangerous animals in that region but that was the rule.

After I got done going, a bright light in the sky lit up right on me- I couldn't hear anything at all, just normal night noises like crickets. I looked up and some dark object in the sky was hovering over me, casting the light on me.

I suddenly was inside the vehicle or some foreign place without knowing how it happened. If I was carried up in any way I don't remember it. I looked up saw the dark object and the light, then I was laying on a flat cold table in their ship.


They stripped me totally naked. When waiting I was strapped down. I was laying on a flat table I felt very cold. The room was dark I could see the area immediately around me and could barely see where the walls were.

I remember I couldn't move even though nothing was touching me then three beings surrounded me and undressed me. I remember begging them not to take my clothes away but they didn't act like they heard me say anything. Once I was undressed they placed my arms out to my sides and strapped them down and then strapped my feet down.


They monitored my reactions with devices at different body parts. They stimulated me with electrodes at various body parts and tested my reactions. I was kept in the same room as before before the tests. I wouldn't say I was tested with electrodes exactly, but long sharp rods of metal like an ice pick but the handle they used didn't look like an ice pick handle.

Sometimes it shocked me, sometimes it was really, hot or cold sometimes. I didn't feel anything except the sharp poke. They used it on my chest, face, neck, stomach, hands and the bottom of my feet.

The testing took place in the same room. They put instruments onto my eyes and looked into them. They put instruments into my nose. They didn't bother with my ears, but put a metal tube up my nose, first the left nostril, then the right. It went really deep inside, they would hold it there for a minute then pull it out.

They didn't put anything in my eye but flashed various colored lights in my eye. I felt confused and embarrassed with the whole thing and the tube in my nose felt strange and invasive. You don't have an option that matches what happened with my mouth they used something to jab at my teeth much harder than a dentist does.

They examined my breast, stomach and back with electrodes. Not electrodes but the ice pick thing I mentioned. They examined my joints and limbs with electrodes. The ice pick, not electrodes.


They inserted a thin and long instrument through my anus like a colonoscope. They stuck needles into my genitals. The instrument into my bottom wasn't that thin, not huge but big enough to be very painful. I begged them not to and cried while they did. It felt humiliated.

It wasn't needles they used at my genitals but the ice pick instrument. They used it there a lot more than any other area.

They had loosened the straps on my legs enough they could lift my legs a little before they put the instrument into my bottom. My arms remained strapped outwards.


They didn't give my clothes back at the time, they left them with me after they released me. I do not remember how I got back but I woke up at the place where they took me. The beings who studied me backed away. Then I woke up back outside near where I had gone to the restroom. I was still undressed and my clothes where left next to me a bit scattered.


My joints and msucles were aching. I had cuts on parts of me. Things I had on me were missing. I ached just about everywhere and had small red dots in the some of the places they had poked me with the ice pick thing. I had pain in my anus and some pains internally.

I was undressed, found all of my clothes, except one sock. I was very nervous and paranoid for a few years after, but when they never came back, I started to relax. I wasn't able to tell anyone for a few years until I realized I wasn't alone in my experience, and was able to discuss it with others I met through abduction groups. Never had any health issues since then.


I think what happened to the girl was not done by alien beings, but by some secret governmental projects.

One reason I think so is that the secret part of the governement is fully capable to abduct people in this way.

Another reason is that everything detailledly described seemed to be standard hospital procedures.

These projects surveil people. They abduct selected individuals to generally surveil the young part of the population about daily habits, health status, development status, sexual habits, sexual relations, and cultural tendencies. They also take tissue specimens for scientific purposes.

These projects tend to abduct kids that are camping out in nature, and they prefere to take them right after they have been at the toilet, because it is easy to catch them then, and becuse they will usually be empty for urine and bowel content at that occation, which make the following procedures more easy to perform.

The flying vehicle she saw over her was probably a drone. It pralyzed her by light patterns, possibly with sound with frequencies easy to hear, and probably with anesthetic medicine reliesed over her. Advanced drones have existed for decades, but originally they were only used by special government forces because they were too expensive for others.

Some staff waiting hided then carried her away to a base in a building or possibly underground facility not far away. They possibly used a road vehicle for that purpose.

The staff wore suits and masks so that they could not be recognized, and the girl was under some anesthesia all the time, which made them appear as alien being. Possibly they also masqueraded as aliens on purpose.

The table she got placed on was a standard operating table. The positions with arms out and spread legs and straps is also standardly used on kids in hopitals.

At the beginning she was not able to move due to medication. Later on they let her be more concious so that certain neurological tests could be done, and then they used ordinary strap to control her.

The thing stuck up her nose was a standard hospital endoscope for that purpose to inspect and take specimens.

The flashing of light in her eyes was for sensorial and nurological test and also seems like a standard procedure for that purpose.

The ice-hook-like instrument was probably a universal tool made to do several types of standard examinations in one operation. The tool stimulated her nervous system by sensorial stimuli by electricity to test reactions. It contained thin needles stuck into her skin to obtain results. This is something also done in hospitals. Probably the needles also took blood, fluid an tissue pecimens, also something done as routne in hopital. The tool probably communicated with a computer to store results.

The instrument inserted into her anus was an ordinary sigmoidoscope to inspect and take specimens. The pain was probably due to taking of tisue specimens.

The anus genitals and the lower digestive system is always of particular interest for these projects, because what you can find in these body parts give the most data interesting for surveillance.

It seems like they also examined her clothes thorroughly, which also serve the purpose of the ordeal.

It looks like the staff was in a hurry to do it all and realeasing her before the parents could detect she was missing, which explaines the uncloded and messy circumstances they left her after the ordeal.

Knut Holt


Posted by andree23 on 2023-07-20 08:19:45

If you or someone you know has had a concerning experience like the one you described, it's essential to reach out heardle game to the appropriate authorities or seek help from a trusted adult or counselor. Experiences involving abduction or similar incidents should be reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies or local authorities.

Posted by donna1205 on 2023-07-26 02:25:31

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