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ALIEN ABDUCTION - Have you experienced alien abduction or something similar

Bpy, 16yo, USA, abducted when going home for internal probing

Posted by Aquila on 2024-02-14 10:12:44

Boy, 16yo, abducted when going home for internal probing

I am male. It happened in Indiana, USA, when I was 16 years old.


I was taking a shortcut home through a field near my parents house. I saw an alien-looking flying vehicle that approached me. It was kind of windy out and all of a sudden it got still and quiet and I saw this black thing in the sky that just kept getting bigger and coming toward me, then I couldn't move.

They paralyzed me with an device they ponted at me. They floated me along suspended in the air. They floated me into the vehicle through a door I started blacking out a little after. I couldn't move, but i could kind of tell I was moving forward toward the black thing I saw in the air. It was all flat looking and kind of like just a black square.


They stripped me totally naked. When waiting I was strapped down. When waiting I had some device at my urinary opening to keep me empty. When waiting I had some device at my anus to keep me empty. I saw teenage people being prepared together with me. The last thing I remember was kind becoming conscious again and I was in this bright room and hooked up to some tubes. I was totally naked and I think I remember seeing other guys around me but I blacked back out by a mintute or so after waking up.


I don't really remember much about testing. The other guys looked like they were about my age, maybe some a little younger, and they were naked too. The room was really bright and had weird equipment next to each of the chairs we were in but that's all I remember.


I do not remember much of the physical examination either. The only time I remember waking up a little I was sitting in a weird chair but my chest, head, arms, and legs were tied down with straps.


I do not remember how I got back, but I woke up at the place where they took me. I just woke up on my side in the field where i was walking home, and it seemed like not that much time had passed somehow, it looked like it was maybe an hour later in the day, just starting to get dark.


I felt tired and drawsy when I was back. My joints and muscles were aching. I blead or had discharge from my urethra. I had bruices on parts of me. Things I had on me were missing.

Other symptoms when I was back: I felt totally empty in my stomach as if all the contents in my intestines had been flushed out.

The first thing I noticed was my arms and legs were really sore like I worked out too hard. There was a little bit of a bruise on my wrist too but not bad. but then as soon as I stood up I felt this burning pain in my $%!@ right at the tip. I really wanted to see what was wrong but I'm very self consious and didn't want to just whip it out in the middle of this field.

I kind of limped home half doubled over and ran to the bathroom right away. My foreskin was bright red around the opening, and l could feel my whole knob just burning underneath. It hurt like crazy but I peeled the skin back and the whole knob was all raw and bleeding in some places, others looked like they had blisters. That was the last time I was able to skin back for like a week or so because it was so sore under there.

I noticed after I dont need to sleep near as much as before - like if I sleep 3-4 hr I feel fine and can concentrate better at school. After a couple of weeks my $%!@ head stopped being sore, but I also could barely feel anything there. Now it's totally numb all over the knob and the foreskin and I can't even $%!@e. I have been really upset about it and even writing it now I'm trying hard not to cry.

I dont understand why they took it from me they wrecked my $%!@ and I HATE IT. I do still have wet dreams and that's terrible too. I mean they still make me feel good like I did when I could $%!@e, but the mess is insane. like all between my legs is drenched and when I wake up theres still like a half cup of semen there that I have to try and scoop up with my hands.

I think it's because I can't $%!@e anymore. I don't want to write about it anymore I'm already crying and I just want my special feelings back.


This could be a real alien abduction, but the boy most probably got taken by some governmental agency for testing and surveillance of the young population in the area.

The thing he saw coming in the area was probably a drone which carried with it equipment to paralyze the kids. It could also be a secret type of manned VTOL vehicle. It looks like the vehicle counteracted the wind in the area when it approached, which suggest some helicopter-type-vehicle.

Then thay carried him along. Drugs he had got made it feel like he was floating, possibly ketamine which has that effect.

Most probably they carried him into a big van in the surrounding where the event took place. But he also possibly got carried into the flying thing that brought him to another place, possibly a hospital. The team obiously worked very fast, but the event probably took longer time than just an hour.

The strange chair the kids were placed onto, had automatic devices that pumped them clean through anus, urtehra and probably also through mouth, even that he did not remember this. The devices certainly put some tubes far way into them to do so. This type of chair has been reported in other occationss too. It looks like a standardized invention that authorities use on many occations for rapid preparation of kids before extensive probe taking.

They took probes from all body areas and inside all body openings. Teey seem especially to take probes from his genitals.

It looks like they injected depot drugs into his genitals and other places with the purpose of regulating his puberty and mental functions. This was possibly to test a drug regime that is planned being used on kids.

Possibly the agency that abducted the kids had some cooperation with the school he attended.

He did not tell when this happened, but the way he tells about it suggest a rather recent event.