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Lung Cancer


Posted by Skyfox on 2004-05-02 04:46:50

I knew a person who smoked, was diagnosed with lung, brain, and bone cancer, and died a very agonizing death. Sad thing is, last I knew her daughters smoke, and her boyfriend still smokes. Don't smoke!

Posted by Bensonslad on 2017-10-02 23:02:26

I am sorry that your friend died from cancer and that it was a very agonising death. I am a heavy smoker and all my family are heavy smokers too. I hope that I do not get cancer but will always smoke as I love being a smoker and enjoy smoking so much. I don't mind that I would probably die a bit earlier but I think that it is worth it for the pleasure I get from smoking. Smoking often runs in the family and as a kid growing up seeing family smoke I could see how enjoyable it was I always liked the smell and look of it. I always wanted to smoke and never regret starting, it's enjoyable and that is why become addicted.

I am in bed smoking now next to my partner and he is a heavy smoker too and just asked what about if your parents or brother got cancer and died from smoking. He said that he would still carry on smoking just as much, even if it was me, he would still be smoking in bed next to me and if it was him he would not quit and want me to still smoke. It's a risk you take but part of who we are, smokers and always will be. If I quit would not stay with me. A couple should always both smoke together and light up if the other does. Looks so sexy and hate if didn't taste of fags and not smell of ciggies, proper man smell. I couldn't quit smoking and never want to. Great being with a proper heavy smoker and proud of it.