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Have you girls been groped or molested?

Groped in gym showers

Posted by GymnastZoe on 2021-09-12 18:35:37

Im 10 and i work out alot. Ive been doing gymnastics since i was 3 and ive been lifting weights since i was 5, so now im really really muscular. I go to a gym for kids under 16 and i shower afterwards, but there are way more girls than boys at the gym so the girls shower is always full, so i started using the boys shower. I just started going in and showering naked in front of everyone and i dont care that they see me. One day a boy who was 14 or 15 was watching me and he had a boner and as i walked past him he grabbed my $%!@. I just spun around and grabbed his arm and i twisted it, he tried to fight but i was way stronger than him so theres nothing he could do and he fell to his knees. Then i pushed him onto the ground and knelt on his back, and i pushed his face into the floor with one hand and bend his arm behind his back with my other hand. I could of easily broken his arm but i was careful not to. He was screaming and begging to let him go and i made him promise never to do that to a girl again and if i found out he did i said id break both his arms. He was crying really hard and all the other boys were watching. I let him go then and got back to showering. After that he and the other boys were pretty scared of me and now when the shower stalls are all full i can just walk up to a boy and he gets out of the shower so i can use it.

Posted by dnalgne on 2024-02-06 00:23:23

Could you have fought them all if they ganged up on you? you could have been gang raped