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What's a Miracle? How/Why do they happen?
Do you velieve in Miracles?
Yes---God wants them to happen.
Yes---They happen without God's direct intervention.
Yes---But there is no God, so not his fault.
No---There is no God.
No---There are things even God can't do.
No---God doesn't mess with that stuff.
Yes---God's Miracle is yet to be shown.
Does God have a direct hand in Miracles?
No, but I believe in God anyway.
No, I don't believe in Miracles.
No, I don't believe in God.
Which of the following would you classify as a Miracle?
God or Jesus makes a clear and obvious appearance.
People claiming a direct link to God prophecy accurately a wondrous event.
A religious apparition appears for all to see.
A wondrous and improbable event occurs without prophecy, like the Yankees lose the World Series.
A personal and improbable event occurs, like you win the lottery, big time.
A personal event (like lottery) occurs shortly after a specific prayer for that event.
Your dog speaks in tongues.
A statistically improbably event, like the same Pick-Three numbers come up two days in a row.
A salad whip turns out just the way Kraft Foods says it will.
A person you know has an "impossible" recovery from a fatal disease.
A person you DON'T know has an impossible recovery.
Your car rolls over twice and you walk away uninjured.
Most of the wealth in the world falls into the hands of Christians.
A statue of the Virgin Mary bleeds.
A statue of Buddha bleeds.
If you were to actually "see" a verifiable Miracle take place, would you become more religious?
Yes, it would solidify my faith in God.
Yes, it would solidiby my faith in another diety.
Yes, I would commit the rest of my life to service of God/diety.
No, I would attribute it to natural events.
No, I would attribute it to a hoax.
No, I would continue to be a non-believer.
I would be very impressed for a short time, go on with my life, and tell my grandchildren I had witn
This poll was created on 2003-12-07 20:10:32 by jtur88