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mysterious whispers

you need to get this off your chest. gezundheit!
Aliester Crowley was:
an Irish patriot
magus of the aeon
a crank and a cannibal
twin brother of Jesus
the antichrist
George W. Bush is:
a Reptilian
legitimate President
a poor lost lamb
I myself am:
deeply conservative
quite liberal
a fascistic moron
too stoned to care
Dick Cheney's last name is pronounced:
given a choice, I would prefer God to be:
Jehovah and Wrathful
Buddha and Compassionate
Ahura Mazda and Dual
Krishna and Non-dual
Shaitan and Evil
Jesus and Triune
Kokopelli and Koyaanasqatsi
the Government needs to tell us the truth about:
artificial sweeteners
artificial intelligence
alien greys
Religion is:
an opiate of the masses
our guide to ultimate Truth
fun after breakfast on Sunday
a crutch for the weak
how the strong Conquer
This poll was created on 2003-10-24 02:02:04 by alkhemik