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On Church Music

Vote for your favorite kinds of liturgical music.
Which do you prefer to hear in Church?
traditional classical music
traditional hymns
plain chant
contemporary christian music
Which of the following do you think is appropriate for Church services?
No instruments
Only Organ
guitars fine
full band with guitars, keyboards, and drums
What is your view of contemporary christian music?
I love it!
Its okay
I don't personally care for it
It is worldly and ungodly
Which hymn would you rather sing?
Amazing Grace
A Mighty Fortress is Our God
Onward Christian Soldiers
The Old Rugged Cross
How Great Thou Art
What do you think of playing recording music in a church (without live instruments)?
Its fine
I don't like it, but I can live with it
Argh!!! awful!
What is your view of liturgical dance?
Wonderful! We should have more of it
Its fine once in awhile
I don't care for it but it isn't wrong
It is wrong, it really doesn't belong in worship
Which would you rather here played in concert?
Bach's Mass in B Minor
Mozart's Requiem
Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem
Sandi Patti's greatest hits
Black spirituals
Gregorian chant
The Gaithers
Third Day
Should the words of Church music reflect good and deep theology?
Should secular songs ever be used in Church services?
It depends on the song and the circumstance
If you were on a desert island and could only bring one of these CDs to listen to, which would it be?
Beethoven-Missa Solemnis
Gregorian Chant
Sandi Patti's Greatest Hits
Amy Grant's Greatest Hits
DC Talk-Jesus Freak
Elvis Presley singing hymns and spirituals
John Michael Talbot worship songs
What do you think of this poll?
Very Good
Not Good at all
Why are you wasting my time?
This poll was created on 2004-04-30 16:23:15 by Melkite