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Holy Potty-Mouth, Batman®!

As Christians, we sometimes fall into sinful acts which deliver us from the friendship of God. Various forms of profanity are some of them. Some of us go farther than others... Betcha Batman® would never be caught using malicious words to describe God or humanity. Neither should we.
How often do you take the Lord's name in vain?
Once on purpose every so often
Only Accidentally
I think it, but I don't say it
Did you know that taking the Lord's name in vain is known as a mortal sin that delivers you from God's friendship?
Yeah, right; who cares?
Why, yes I did.
Depends on how you say it
That's not true
Do you use "cuss" words that do not "take the Lord's name in vain?"
Everyday. Is that so wrong?
Only when I get mad
Sometimes accidentally
Nope, no desire to
Yes, because its a venial sin
Did you know that "cuss" words are known as "venial sins" which deliver you slightly away, but not entirely, from the friendship of God?
Like Body Odor or something?
Yes, but I still cuss.
Yes, I did.
No, I didn't.
I don't believe this crap.
Holy Water blots out venial sin. Do you use it?
I'm Christian; no, I don't.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
I drink it when I cuss bigtime
I'm Christian; yes, I do.
Do you use racial, sexual, religious, state-of-being slurs?
I don't cuss.
Yep, the whole shebang.
Just race, and sex.
Just s-o-b, and religious.
Yes to all, occasionally.
Do you feel bad when the person you cussed at or about knows that you cussed at or about them?
I don't cuss.
No, I sure don't.
Yes, sometimes.
This is so stupid.
No, they deserve it.
All humans are the creation of God. When you cuss at God's creations you are cussing at Him. Do you believe this to be true?
I do.
I do, but I cuss anyway.
No, I don't.
Who comes up with this crap?
Is this like a Catholic thing?
Do you think cussing and taking the Lord's name in vain on television/radio/films is appropriate content for minors under 10, 15, 18?
No, no; no!
NO, sorta, yes
Yes, Yes; YES!
My kid can teach cussing class
NO. yes, and yes.
Does it matter to you at all that cussing or taking the Lord's name in vain is not only an offense against humanity, but also God Himself and all His creation?
No, it doesn't matter to me.
Yes, it does.
Yes, & I am sorry for cussing
So what
Yes, I just have to do it.
Do you see yourself curbing your appetite to cuss or take the Lord's name in vain in the future?
most definitely
but of course
I don't cuss.
I haven't made up my mind yet
Overall, how do you view taking the Lord's name in vain?
I view it as normal
It's a sign of weakness
Only losers cuss
A lack of identity with Jesus
Overall, how do you view cussing?
A sign of weakness
Cussing helps express myself
A sign of a corrupt mind
A normal part of behavior
A coward's way to communicate
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