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The DC Direct "Why Haven't They Made...?" Poll

Here's a selection of DC characters that may be way past their time to be made as DC Direct action figures. Please vote for the ones that you'd plunk money down for.
Please pick only the characters that you'd buy.
Brainiac Classic
Batman - Neal Adams
Batman - Dick Sprang
Wonder Woman - Bronze Age
Diana Prince - "Mod"
Lex Luthor - Business Suit
Reverse Flash Classic
Mr Mxyzptlk Classic
Captain Marvel Jr.
Mary Marvel Classic
Black Lightning Classic
Terra Classic
Poison Ivy Classic
Robin - Teen Titans
Jonah Hex Classic
Unknown Soldier
Creeper Classic
Clayface - Silver Age
Martian Manhunter - Silver Age
Mera Classic
Talia - Bronze Age
Two-Face Classic
Superman - Curt Swan
This poll was created on 2006-10-24 14:07:05 by Jim Beard