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Do you relate what you read to how you live?

Have you ever read a book or a poem and thought, "Hey, I can really get into this....It is so true to me" ?
How often do you read literature?
Literature, What's that?!?
Sometimes it may cross my path.
Once or twice a year.
Often (maybe every month or two).
As much as my eyes can take before blindess sets in!
What type of literature do you read?
Old Books and Stories found in Anthologies and University class-rooms.
Poems, Poems, Poems.
Playwrights, bay-bee.
If the bookstore has it, I read it.
Do Harlequins count?
on-line chats and t.v. guide are as far as I go.
All of the above.
First three work for me.
Do you ever find that you really relate to a character in literature?
Nah, I'm too special and unique to relate to anyone else.
Yes, often.
Yes, but rarely.
It hasn't happened yet but, I guess it could.
What characters do you think most resemble you?
Ophelia (eek)
Hamlet (double eek)
Wife of Bath
Oliver Twist
Frakenstein (the monster)
Do you think that Literature
Enriches your life
Helps you to interpret life
Makes life more enjoyable
Makes life misearable
All of the above
None of the above
1-3 only
This poll was created on 2005-12-01 17:36:27 by Alaina's Survey