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"Shirts Vs Skins" or "Skins Vs/and Skins" (guys only)

This poll explores male shirtlessness in sports particularly in team sports or other group sports where guys are only involved. In team sports such as basketball and soccer and in male-only PE classes, a common way to distinguish 2 teams of guys is to have a shirted team and an unshirted one-the team members of the latter are required to play shirtless for the entire game. This is called "shirts vs skins". In other cases all the guys in both teams are required to play shirtless. This is "skins vs/and skins". The "skins and skins" style also extends to other types of gym/outdoor sports and involves most, if not all the guys taking their shirts off and staying barechested during play either voluntarily or under the order from their coach/PE teacher. Guys taking this poll are encouraged to post their opinions and experiences in the message area. Enjoy!
12 and under
During any of your PE classes, were the guys ever required to play shirts vs skins for a team sport?
If you said yes in the previous question, what team(s) have you been on?
If given the choice, which team would you prefer to be in?
does not matter
Where were the 'shirts vs skins' games played during your class?
school field
outdoor basketball court
What types of games were commonly used in the "shirts vs skins" style during your class?
track and field
If you haved played on the shirts team, what was your experience like?
Great! I actually prefer to be on the shirts team
Being on the shirts or skins team does not matter to me-I'm willing to play both ways
I'll rather be on the skins team
If you have been on the 'skins' team, what was your experience like?
Great! I prefer to be on the skins team
Being a skin or a shirt does not matter to me-I can do both ways
Bad-I prefer to be on the shirts team
If you prefer to be on the 'shirts' team, what's your reason?
Self conscious of my body
Friends are around
Wearing a shirt looks better when playing sports
other reasons
If you prefer to be on the 'skins' team, what's the reason?
Less restricting, more comfortable
It's hot and I want to stay cool
Show off the muscles
Work on the tan
other reasons
Outside of PE class, have you ever played 'shirts vs skins' for a sport w/ your guy buddies?
If you said yes to the previous question, what team(s) did you play on
During PE class, sports practices, and other group sports activities which you have participated in (excluding swimming), were the guys ever engaged in 'skins vs/and skins'? Note: 'skins vs/and skins' refers to at least 80% or higher of the guys in the group who are shirtless for most/all of the duration of the game.
If yes, what was the situation? Check all that apply.
PE class (indoor)
PE class (outdoor)
Sports team/club practice
A race or competition
A friendly game played with buddies
military training
What was the sports activity?
track & field/cross country
weight training
military training (boot camp)
Referring to the previous few questions, what was the reason for 'skins and skins'?
PE teacher required all guys to play shirtless.
Coach required all guys to play shirtless.
It was warm so most of the guys voluntarily took their shirts off.
It was a 'chain reaction'-a few guys played shirtless at first and the rest followed
Other reason(s)
In those situations where shirtlessness was mandatory for all guys (including you) participating in the sport activity, what's your reaction or opinion?
I enjoy and encourage it- guys should be comfortable being shirtless and having shirtless-mandatory sports activities promotes this.
I'm fine with shirtlessness in sports and PE but shirtlessness should not be mandatory if the guy's not comfortable with it.
I didn't enjoy the experience-shirtlessness should not be mandatory or even allowed in sports.
Don't really care.
Other opinions-please reply in message board
In those 'skins and skins' situations where most, if not all the guys voluntarily play shirtless during the activity, when will you take your shirt off?
I'll be among the first to be shirtless.
Only when at least 2 or 3 others in the group are already shirtless
Only when half the group or more is already shirtless
I'll keep my shirt on
It does not matter when but I'll take my shirt off sometime during the game when I'm sweaty and hot enough
Briefly, what are your opinions/views on voluntary 'skins and skins' in sports practices and PE?
I enjoy and encourage it- shirtlessness in a sports practice or PE class should be voluntary, not mandatory for a guy
I'm fine with it but guys should be shirtless more in sports practices and PE
Shirtlessness should be mandatory for guys in PE and sports practices
Guys should not be allowed to be shirtless in PE and sports practices, excluding swimming.
Other reasons-please elaborate in message board
During the activity when most/ all the guys including you took your shirts off voluntarily, what were your reasons? Check all that apply
It was hot and we want to stay as cool as possible during the activity.
More comfortable and less restricting and sweaty
peer pressure/ influence by friends
work on our tans
show off the muscles and abs
attract attention from the girls
other reasons
Referring to the previous question, if this was in a school/sports team situation, what was the reaction of your PE teacher or coach?
He didn't mind or care whether we are shirtless or not.
He encouraged it (not forced)
He disapproved of it but did not force us to put our shirts back on
He insisted that we put our shirts back on
In your opinion, the present trend of shirtlessness among guys in PE and team sports practices is: (please explain your choice in the message area)
Staying the same
Overall, male shirtlessness in PE, school sports practices and other organized group sports activities should be
encouraged but not mandatory
neither encouraged or mandatory-guys have the freedom to choose
disencouraged but not banned
This poll was created on 2006-12-11 18:05:08 by dude222