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Why is America the worst country in the world?

We all know the U.S. is a terrible place. Why?
When in its history was America great?
None of the above
How long has the U.S. been a terrible country?
Since 1910
Since 1860
Since 1776
How long will it be before the U.S. collapses?
50 years
25 years
10 years
5 years
1 year
6 months
Why is America a terrible country? (Check all that apply.)
It is too rich
It hogs world energy resources
It is hypocritical
It is insulated from global reality
It is run by rednecks
It refuses to accept the enlightened ideas of socialism
How often do you burn the flag?
Once a year
Once a month
This poll was created on 2007-07-31 12:03:05 by licky