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God created Man vs. Man created God

Did God creat man(Humandkind) in his (Her or it's ) image or did man (People) creat God in their image.
Who created who? Did God creat man or did man creat God? Is it possible we don't know how we got here so they created the story of God because they wanted an explanation of things they didn't understand.The Followers of God have done atrocities in the name of God, the destruction of cities and civizations, human sacrifice, torture and cruel punishment of people who were considered heretics, etc. in the name of people's god. Is this the way a God of love would operate? Is there a God who created all things for his pleasure and he gets pleasure out of seeing people, animals, etc. suffer?
God created Mankind, animals, etc. in his (her or it's) image.
Man (People) created God in their image to force their will, etc. onto other people.
Please explain what your answer is and why?
This poll was created on 2007-12-24 05:42:17 by Roboman