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This is a battle of Gods from Comics and Manga. Oh... and there is a loser bat dude who wants to be a superheroe In our first corner we have superman. A man who has flown to the edge of the universe in seconds. He has turned back time. Held a blcak hole in the palm of his hands. Broken space and time with a single punch ( the universe would colapse if that really happened). Flown so fast he broke sapce and time and nearly punched God in the face. He has fought gods and Arch angels and won. He has BLown out stars like candles. Destroyed galaxies by sneezing and creating galaxies out of practically nothing. suvived being stabbed with kryptonite and thrown into a red star. Beat the world smartest man in chess. And moved whole celestial bodies with his bare hands In our next corner we have a 5 foot 3" lawn knome (saiyin) named Goku who had trouble supporting a skyscraper in ssj4 mode. In the next corner we have unoriginal charcter stolen from Norris mythology who is already a demi god anyways but marvel had to weaken him a bit more named Thor. Lastly we have a man who thinks he is a bat and thinks he is in the same league as the other three even though just about anybody could be Batman.

Humor me who would win in a fight between Superman,Goku,Thor, or Batman

25% (16) superman
64% (41) goku
7% (5) thor
3% (2) batman

64 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-03-15 01:43:56 by bonesboy08
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