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should I get circumcised?

Im 16, and uncircumcised, its ok, but all the men and boys around me are circumcised, I think it would be cool to be like everyone else, but Im not sure though, I think I would feel more American and Im worried what girls will think, have any of you had problems with women and your status, I also have problems using urinals if others are there because I feel a little embarresed, please comment.

Should I get circumcised, (and if so, what style, please add in comments)

25% (91) Yes (I am circumcised)
24% (87) Yes (I am uncircumcised)
13% (47) No (I am circumcised)
36% (128) No (I am uncircumcised)

353 voters have answered this question.

37% (52) Yes (I am a girl)
62% (87) No (I am a girl)

139 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2008-07-03 22:00:30 by ipod
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