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Should short selling be banned?

An issue of great concern to many investors is that of Short Selling. Whilst some see it as a legitimate function of a free market, of late the function seems to be shrouded with controversy and allegations of manipulation and market abuse. In this respect we have set up a poll to gauge investor sentiment and allow you to have your say. We intend to publish the results when the poll closes. ....>>> if you want to be informed of the full results of the Poll please let us have youre email address by visiting the website www.killthespread.com.This Poll is brought to you by the Kill the Spread campaign, promoting the interests of UK private investors.

What is your opinion on short selling?

68% (317) Strongly feel it should not be permitted at all
8% (41) Should be permitted on large cap stocks only
18% (85) Its fine as it promotes price discovery and adds liquidity to the market
3% (18) I have no strong views

461 voters have answered this question.

Please select any of the following choices closely which most closely reflect your views about Short Selling as a trading strategy (tick as many as you wish)?

41% (193) It is immoral
59% (272) It damages our economy
30% (141) It should be stopped at all costs
3% (18) I don’t have a strong opinion on Short Selling as a whole
13% (60) Short Selling allows "price discovery" on overvalued companies
16% (74) Short Selling adds to liquidity in the Market
14% (65) Short Selling is a legitimate trading strategy

461 voters have answered this question.

Have you ever held a short position in any shares?

75% (350) Never
8% (38) Less than 5 times
2% (13) Not often but more than 5 times
2% (13) On occasions as a hedging strategy
0% (2) I often use Short Selling as a hedging strategy
9% (45) Short Selling forms a regular part of my trading strategy

461 voters have answered this question.

In order to open a short position, one has to be able to borrow stock. Would you be prepared to permit your shares to be loaned out for covering other traders short positions?

78% (360) Not under any circumstances as doing so works against my investment interests
9% (42) I would be prepared to loan stock to short interests but only if I was remunerated for doing so.
4% (19) Yes am happy for my stock to be loaned out for shorting purposes
8% (40) I have no strong opinion on the matter

461 voters have answered this question.

Would you like to see your Stock Broking account give guarantees that your shares will not be lent to cover short positions?

81% (378) Yes that would be of interest
8% (37) I see no benefit for myself
10% (47) No strong views

462 voters have answered this question.

Do you feel Short Selling is regulated or controlled adequately?

13% (64) Yes
80% (370) No
5% (27) Dont Know

461 voters have answered this question.

If NO to the last question, who should take a more proactive stance in the regulation and control of Short Selling (tick as many as you wish)?

78% (337) FSA
60% (260) London Stock Exchange
62% (271) The Government
33% (143) Stock brokers

432 voters have answered this question.

Thank you for helping with this poll, please feel free to add any comments in the space provided below Also remember eneter your email address at our campaign website to recieve the full results of the Poll. www.killthespread.com. If you have any quesions of comments on this poll. please email us on info@killthespread.com

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60 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-01-20 14:35:46 by Fairdeal2008
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