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Would you date your cousin?

What are your beliefs on cousin relationships?
You fall in love with the girl/guy of your dreams. You have been going out for a year. You find out that youre third cousins. Do you continue?
Yes, who cares?
Yes, but I would be hessitant
No, its too close
No way, we're related!
How distant would a cousin have to be before you would consider dating them?
First cousin once removed
More distant
Have you ever been attracted to your cousin?
Yes, and in a relationship
Yes, I have a crush
No, never
Yes, but I dont have a crush
What do you think about others who date their cousins?
Dont care; Its their choice
Im all for it
Their freaks
Do you think first-cousin marriage should be legal in all states?
Has a cousin ever come on to you?
Yes, and I accepted!
Yes, and I turned them down
No, and Im glad
No, but I wish she/he would
This poll was created on 2001-09-25 01:59:16 by the boy skeezer