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Quinn's Best & Worst Moments (or Fave/Least Fave)

All things Quinn were up for grabs and these are the moments that you found most memorable - either for better or worse. In order to not include textual references, I may have combined some submissions that were close in similarity. I included page numbers for those I thought might not be easiest to recall. Commentary is all mine, deal with it. ;-) ENJOY

We're doing worst first - saving best for last...... Choose TWO from the following as your LEAST favorite or WORST Quinn Moment

12% (12) In FDTW, Quinn breaks down Sookie's front door and does NOT repair it. *shame shame*
2% (2) In ATD, Sookie finds out about Frannie being Quinn's sister - but NOT from Quinn. *big oops*
13% (13) From DAAD --> ATD, Quinn doesn't tell Sookie about his past and she learns about it from someone else. *tsktsk bad old puddytat*
28% (28) In FDTW, Quinn & Sookie breaking up. *sniff sniff*
43% (43) In FDTW, Quinn not calling or contacting Sookie after the bombing in Rhodes.....not a word. *poor Sookster*
15% (15) In DD, after being attacked on their date, (p118) Sookie "thought Quinn might phone, just to check up on [her] little injuries. . . but not."
8% (8) In DAAD (p273), after they've established Furnan cheating on the iron rod challenge and the pack votes to move forward with the rest of the challenge, Quinn makes Sookie go into the challenge cage and read the minds of Herveaux Sr and Furnan to make sure there is no other funky business going on.
23% (23) In FDTW, showing up with the Las Vegas vamps in TIGER form. *man up, tiger*
8% (8) In DAAD, the leg licking scene. *dude, get a room*
12% (12) In ATD (p32-33) Quinn talks Sookie into having sex before she's ready by promising to spend a month with her after the summit. *good intentions but it didn't pan out*
22% (22) In ATD (p242-243), Quinn urges Sookie to let him kill Eric to get him out of their way.

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Now, on to better, more pleasant Quinn moments. Choose THREE from the following as your FAVORITE or BEST Quinn Moments.

15% (15) In DD, Bringing Sookie breakfast and helping her to pack up Hadley's apartment. *beignets, yum yum*
25% (25) In DD, all the fun without the contact sexual encounter in Hadley's kitchen - nosex sex scene. *whoa that was hot*
19% (19) In DD, Quinn stands up to Eric when he comes to pick up Sookie for their date. *the guy has cojones*
25% (25) In ATD, staking Andre. *nuff said*
9% (9) In FDTW, walking away when Sookie breaks up with him. *must've been hard to do*
18% (18) In ATD, taking the second arrow and throwing Sookie to the floor in a gallant effort to protect her. *the dude can pounce*
11% (11) In DAAD, taking Sookie on a real date. *best date ever for the Sookster*
18% (18) In ATD (p29), the leaping kissing embrace with Sookie after she returns from the bridal shower to find Quinn waiting at her house for her. *a hallmark moment*
14% (14) In DD, asking Sookie out for the first time and making sure she was unattached. *props, the guy was thorough*
20% (20) In DD (p275-276) Quinn undresses in the swamp so that he can shift; Sookie watches in amazement and when Quinn realizes this he stood still and let her watch and asked her "Do you like what you see?" and she said he looked better than "a Happy Meal to a three-year-old." *dang right, the dude is FINE*
23% (23) In ATD after they make love, Quinn asks her if his thoughts during sex were any trouble; to which, Sookie says 'yesyesyesyespleasepleaseplease' wasn't reallly going to be a problem. Unabashedlly, Quinn says "hot damn". *one must love the confidence*
6% (6) In ATD, Quinn leaves a note on her pillow in LIPSTICK since he didn't want to wake her. *creativity props*
13% (13) In DAAD, leg licking scene.
25% (25) In ATD (p201-202), climbing into bed with Sookie and just "sleeping". *the best offer she'd had that day*
39% (39) In DD (p248), Quinn says "Who would want just one night with you?" *perfection*
6% (6) In ATD (p193), after BOOM takes the Dr. Pepper bomb away, Quinn embraces her and Sookie realizes that the BB (and Eric) hadn't erased Quinn's feelings; Quinn still liked her wanted her too.*awwwwwwww*
6% (6) In ATD (189-194), Quinn was the first to show up and try and take the Dr. Pepper bomb from Sookie and not leaving until she was safe.

99 voters have answered this question.

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