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Viking Love & Misery

This week's poll was all about the Viking Hunk of Love. Without further ado, here are the best moments and the *few* worst moments that you all came submitted. Have fun and enjoy.

Once again, we're doing the Worst moments first - you can choose two moments from the following mishap moments for the Warrior Viking now known as Eric the Northman. And remember, some people love Eric and some people don't - what is a fave/least fave or best/worst moment for one, might be the opposite for another. If you don't like the options, don't vote for it....duh. :D Now have fun.

4% (5) In LDID (p 213-214) - Eric tricking Sookie into sucking out the bullet that had lodged in his shoulder. *tsktsk, sneaky vampire*
7% (8) In DD (p 91) - Eric being possessive and disrespectful when Quinn arrived to pick up Sookie for their date: "This woman has been mine, and she will be mine". *we'll see if this statement comes to pass*
13% (15) In DD (p182-184) - Eric forcing Bill to fess up while Sookie was the hospital. *Poor Sookie, getting kicked while she was down; probably not the best moment to bring that matter up*
19% (21) In CD (p43pb) - Eric threatens to torture Sookie for information about Bill's special project. *thank goodness he didn't want to really follow that path - whew*
5% (6) In DAAD (p 219-220) - After Sookie confesses to him what happened during his amnesia, Eric contemplates what he should do about Sookie:"'Should I just bite you, and end it all?'" he whispered. 'I would never have to think about you again. . . .Or should I start arousing you, and discover if sex with you was really the best I've ever had?'"
16% (18) In DTTW (p 264-266) - When Eric awoke after the curse was broken and he couldn't remember that he loves Sookie. *poor Eric just can't get his memories straight and poor Sookie, she was quite sad he didn't remember*
0% (0) In DAAD (p214-216) - In exchange for getting Mickey out of Tara's life, Eric makes Sookie tell him what happened while he stayed with her while he was under Hallow's curse. *well, we knew he'd find out somehow - it may as well have been for a good cause*
1% (2) In DUD (p118) - Eric tried to glamour Sookie when Bill brought her to Fangtasia the first time - and in so doing, breaking the vampire rules. *didn't work*
11% (13) In CD (p152-153) - After suggesting the Bill is most likely 'finally dead', Eric scoops Sookie up close, cuddles her and tells her there is one place left to look (Russell's compound) and then tells her "I think you must tell me what you know about Bill's project." When Sookie gets upset, he calls her "stupid woman". *a very bad viking moment - reduced to name calling tsk tsk*
33% (37) Off page but obvious - Hurtfully ignoring Sookie when he was confused and conflicted after Sookie revealed what had happened during the time he was cursed. *Vampire Confusion = Vampire Rejection" Summing it up In DD (p27) - "He didn't talk to me any more. He stared at me when we met, as if he were trying to resurrect his own memoreis of that time, to prove me wrong. It made me sad to see that the relationship we'd had. . .didn't seem to exist any more."
3% (4) In FDTW (p211) - Eric destroys Sookie's cell phone as she is calling GGF Niall and he says "We can't bring him in, or a war will start that will kill all of us."
1% (2) In DUD (p215-221) - Eric uses Sookie's telepathy to help him find out who was embezzling from the bar. *yeah and he staked the culprit too*
2% (3) Off page but discussed - Eric KILLING Pam even if she holds no ill will.
2% (3) In DD - the episode with Mickey - Eric should've done more than just call Salome to get rid of Mickey.
30% (34) In DD (p90) - Eric being oblivious and in denial when Sookie exclaims that he never showed any interest in her and he says "I do not have to hang around you to show you. I am sheriff. You . . .you are in my retinue." *dude, did you learn NOTHING from Bill? Start taking notes 'Buddy'*
11% (13) In DD (p282) - Eric tries to reason off his interest in Sookie to the fairy blood: "You have fairy blood. . .That explains a lot." *that hurt poor Sookie's feelings bad vamp*
2% (3) In CD (p44) - Not telling Sookie about Lorena until Pam makes him do so.
2% (3) **SPOILER** In Dracula Night - Eric does not rescue Sookie from the imposter Dracula when Fake Dracula says he's going to start his feeding with Sookie.
10% (12) In DAAD (p171-172) - Eric in his frustration over not being able to get into Sookie's head, to find out what they'd done and why someone was trying to kill her, grips Sookie's shoulders with excruciating pressure. She says "Listen, you're hurting me! Let go." And then demands "Tell me now". *Not such a sweet vamp then, *sigh*
13% (15) In FDTW (p306-308) - When Sam calls Eric in to figure out what's been bothering Sookie; then Eric doesn't really help much at all - totally frustrating Sam - and he blames it on being distracted with the hosting of the new king. Instead of helping Sookie, the men were just getting at odds with each other. *MEN*

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Now for the BEST moments. Choose your favorite FOUR from the following. I know, it'll be hard to pick just three for some of you - but limit it to four please. :) Now sit back and love the viking, and enjoy the wibbles - don't forget to vote. ;-)

45% (50) In DTTW (p188-189) - Amnesia Eric says "You are beautiful." No one had ever looked me in the eyes and said that. I found I had to lower my head. "You are smart, and you are loyal," he said relentlessly, though I waved a hand to ask him to quit. "You have a sense of fun and adventure." "Cut it out," I said. "Make me," he siad. "You have the most beautiful breasts I've ever seen. You're brave." I put my fingers across his mouth, and his toungue darted out to give them a quickl lick. I relaxed against him, feeling the tingle down to my toes. "You're responsible and hardworking," he continued. Before he could tell me that I was good about replacing the garbage can liner when I took the garbage out, I replaced my fingers with my lips. "There," he said softly, after a long moment. "Your'e creative, too." For the next hour, he showed me that he, too, was creative. *sigh, where are the real men who do these things?*
42% (47) In CD (182-183) - When the stake was being pulled out and Ray Don was working on her wound (the Big Bad Thing) - "Look at me!" Eric said urgently. . . Ray Don grabs the stake and Sookie screams over and over. "Let go," he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. "No, not of me," he said, smiling. "You can hold on to me as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie. Let go. You need to drift away." It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy, and I retreated from the suffering and uncertainty of this strange place.
11% (13) In LDID (p242) - Sookie calls Eric at Fangtasia: "I am here," Eric said. "And I am here." . . ."Sookie, my little bullet-sucker," he said sounding fond and warm. "Eric, my big bull-shiter." You want something, my darling?". . ."The reason I called you is that I need you to go to a party with me tomorrow night.". . . ". . . that's really just a . . .well, it's a . . .kind of orgy thing? And I need someone with me in case. . .just in case." ..."And since I'm going to be in the neighborhood, you thought I might do as an escort? To an orgy?" "You can look almost human," I said. . . ."And ...do you think you could pretend to be gay?". . .
11% (13) In LDID (p247) - Eric's reveal of his orgy attire. A pink tank top and pink and aqua Lycra leggings.
30% (34) In DTTW (p213) - Just prior to the Witch War. Eric: "We could go back," he said. "We could go back to your house. I can stay with you always. We can know each other's bodies in every way, night after night. I could love you." His nostrils flared, and he looked suddenly proud. "I could work. You would not be poor. I would help you." "Sounds like a marriage," I said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. But my voice was too shaky. "Yes," he said. *wibblesigh*
12% (14) In ATD (p175) - Eric rescues Sookie from being blood bonded to Andre.
6% (7) In CD (p184) - "How grateful are you?" he whispered, his mouth hovering over mine. His eyes were very alert now, and his gaze boring into mine. "That kind of ruins it, when you say something like that," I said trying to keep my voice gentle. "You shouldn't want me to have sex with you just becauxe I owe you." "I don't really care why you have sex with me, as long as you do it," he said equally gently. His mouth was on mine then. Try as I might to stay detached, I wasn't too successful. For one thing, Eric had had hundreds of years to practice his kissing technique, and he'd used them to good advantage. . . *yummy viking*
25% (28) In FDTW (p66) - When about to meet Niall, her GGF, Sookie gets nervous. "Don't worry, you're beautiful," Eric said quietly. He leaned over to unbuckly me seat belt (to my astonishment), and as he straightened he kissed me again, this time on the mouth. His bright blue eyes blazed out of his whiet face. He looked as if a whole story was on the tip of his tongue. But then he swallowed it back and undfolded himself from the car to walk around to my side to open the door for me. Maybe I wasn't the only one this blood bond worked on, huh? . . . Eric took my hand as we walked across to the restaurant, and he ran his thumb absently across my palm. I was surprised to find out that there was a direct line from my palm to my, my, hootchie. *so true Sookie, scrumptious viking kisses*
39% (43) In DTTW (p120-126) - There's no way to make this concise, so I'll just say "the shower scene and the wonders that followed". Reminders to include gracious plenty, Yikes.Yahoo.Yum..."my lover" and the most powerful wave of pleasure I'd ever felt. *'nuff said*
0% (1) In LDID - outside the orgy on top of Eric's corvette.
3% (4) In ATD (p91-94) When Eric comes upon Pam & Sookie in the parking lot of Merlottes and he wonders why he was running toward her house and why he is so caught up in his feelings about Sookie. Sookie blames the fairy blood but Eric says "NO."
8% (9) In ATD - when Sookie is summoned up close and personal to the Ancient Pythoness and Eric comes to her side and guard to show support and offer protection. *sweetvampiness*
10% (11) In DTTW Amnesia Eric states "When this witch is defeated, I would bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you."
0% (1) In DUD - Eric stakes Long Shadow to save Sookie *smiles, he was under her spell from the beginning*
41% (46) in FDTW - When Eric remembers....everything. Admitting that he'd been the happiest he had been for hundreds of years. *sigh, finally, bout time Mr. Wonderful*
18% (20) In FDTW (p201) - "Eric seemed to gather himself. . . [he] turned to me, kissed me on the lips very lightly, and looked at my face for a long moment. "He'll spare you," Eric said, and I understood he wasn't really talking to me but to himself. "You're too unique to waste." *Oh yeah, he's always thinking about her welfare. *sigh*
11% (13) In ATD (p190-193) - Eric joins Sookie in the hallway with the Dr Pepper bomb and attempts to get the bomb from her and then staying with her to die if necessary when she wouldn't give it up.
8% (9) In FDTW (p218) - In the midst of his own turmoil at the return of his memories and after Sookie had brushed his attempts to talk aside, Eric agrees to table the discussion and gently kisses her on the cheek and says "I'm sorry about the tiger." *awwwww-Eric has a soft spot called Sookie*
6% (7) In CD (p 228) - Eric's pride and amusement when told that Sookie 'offed' Lorena. *yeah she killed her ass alright*
9% (10) In DD (p 310) - "Carried away on a wave of excitement, Eric kissed me long and hard and then scoope up Wybert's head. 'Bowling for vampires,' he said happily, and flung the disgusting object at the black vampire with an accuracy and force that knocked the sword out of the vampire's hand. Eric was on it with a great leap, and the sword swung on its owner with deadly force. With a war cry that had not bee heard in a thousand years, Eric attacked the circle around the queen and Andrew with a savagery and abandon that was almost beautiful in its way." *yup - the vamp can fight*
6% (7) In DTTW (p 257) - Eric takes the bullet fired by Debbie Pelt intended to kill Sookie; then getting rid of the body and Debbie's car.. *VampGodFather*
4% (5) In CD (p258) - At the convenience store, Eric pops the little twerp on the face when the little twerp disprespects Sookie and Eric says "You are speaking of my future lover. Be mor respecutful..." *gotta love his confidence and Erictude*
3% (4) In FDTW (p88) - Eric blocks the car window to protect Sookie from Lucky, the were who is shooting at Sookie. Eric gets shot in the neck before he can subdue the were. *i hope you're all counting bullets*
9% (10) In ATD (p288) - Despite being woken from his "death sleep" and exposed to the sun, Eric manages to hold onto Sookie as they fall out of the hotel and down to the ground - he is able to "fly" sporadically, yet effectively enough, to land them both safely.
10% (11) In LDID (p185-186) - After Sookie's ordeal with FotS and Gabe and its aftermath, Eric meets her at the front of the hotel, offers to carry her - to which she declines - and Sookie breaks down in front of Eric crying and despondent; to which Eric reassures her that "a bat and clean clothes" will put her right. Her reply is to tell him that the werewolf thought he was cute. Surprised, Eric gathers her up, nustles her and lifts her spirits even going so far as to tell her that he bets she's a treat when naked. *sigh, he knows her buttons and loves each one*

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