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what should the title of my book be

I'm writing a book on vampires. it is about a 20 year old girl named Clarabelle (clara) who gets bitten in a rest stop in the middle of the night and is changed into a vampire. Not knowing what to do she travels into a small town and lives in the woods. One day a child runs into the forest and she kills him. Then two vampires find her because its like their turf.well anyway the female vampire was also changed by the same vampire clara was changed by. She was changed in Ireland and has been trying to catch the monster that did that to her for over 100 years. Clara joins the two vampires and they try to hunt down the monster that has caused them to change.

what should i put as the title of my novel?

0% (0) the hunt,
0% (0) hunting the hunter
0% (0) a dark night's bite
100% (1) blood pursuit
0% (0) the prey
0% (0) clarabelle
0% (0) a contagious bite
0% (0) the contagious bite

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This poll was created on 2009-02-16 19:52:36 by jelliton
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