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This week we will be voting on the good, the bad and all things Sam. I have to admit that Sam is probably #2 in my list. I like the dude and want him to stick around. Sookie needs the one constant in her life. Will he be THE constant in her life? Hmmmm. We'll see. Enjoy *since the dsl was down, I'm not putting in quotes - sorry Sam, you got the short end of the technology stick* Go fetch.

Sam has very few bad moments (according to most people). But here are a few. Please choose the ONE worst moment.

53% (35) In DUD (p 160 hc) - After Sookie has her intimate encounter with Bill, Sam pulls down her collar to reveal bite marks
4% (3) In DD - (p 20 hc) - Slamming beer onto the bar and generally behaving badly when Quinn came into the bar to talk to Sookie
1% (1) In DD - (p140 hc) - Sam ridicules and doubts Jason's brother qualities
3% (2) In DAAD (p 48 49 hc) - Sam tries to renege on the arrangement for Charles Twining and assumes Sookie will be agreeable to keep him at her place
4% (3) In FDTW (p 306-308) - Sam summons Eric for help in getting Sookie to talk and then it doesn't go according to his plan and he gets upset
13% (9) In DUD and off page (p135 hc) - Sam doesn't really show an interest in courting Sookie until someone else showed an interest
4% (3) In DUD and off page (267-269 hc) - Sam hid his "otherness" from Sookie until she was involved with the vamps - even though he knew she felt alone in the world
0% (0) In DUD (p26) - In his fear for Sookie, Sam angrily chastises her about taking on the Rats
13% (9) In LDID (p239 hc) - Sam tells Sookie about frolciking around with the Maenad

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There are plenty of great Sam moments but here are a few of the favorites. Choose your THREE favorite moments.

6% (4) In DUD (p46-48 hc) - Sam is ready to defend Sookie (with bat in hand) against the out of towners who groped at her
9% (6) In DUD (p66-67 hc) - Sam talks with Sookie about how she manages her "gift" and then invites her to listen into his thoughts
60% (39) In DUD (187-191 hc) - Sam arrives at the fire scene of the burned vampire house and comforts Sookie, takes her home, and keep her occupied all day cleaning Gran's place while she waits for sunset
15% (10) In LDID (p 53 hc) - Sam kisses Sookie's scars on her back from when the Maenad attacked her
4% (3) In CD (p 65 pb) - Sam makes Alcide promise that he will take car of Sookie in Jackson
12% (8) In DTTW (p159-160 hc) - Sam is there to protect Sookie when the WereWitches shows up at Bill's place
7% (5) In DTTW (199-200 hc) - Sam comforts Sookie and joins the search party to help look for Jason
26% (17) In DTTW (p269-279 hc) - Sam drives Sookie to Hotshot to look for Jason and then stays with her afteward until he knows that everything will be all right
30% (20) In DAAD (p141-142 hc) - Sam tells Sookie that his heart hurts for her and then they have that amazing kiss
16% (11) In DAAD (174-175 hc) - Samm offers Sookie one of his rentals as a temporary home after her kitchen burned
83% (54) In FDTW (p158-168 hc) - Sam turns into a LION to protect Sookie during the Were War and he tells her afterward "Keeping you alive is important to me"
3% (2) In FDTW (p265-267) - Sam talks about his family and asks Sookie to accompany him to his brother's wedding in the spring
23% (15) In ATD (p 59 hc) - Sam makes Selah leave Merlotte's
7% (5) In DUD (p 264-269 hc) - Sam escorts Sookie as Dean, manages to spend the night with her and then tells her the next morning about his otherness. *woof*

65 voters have answered this question.

Here is the big one. Should Sam take a shot and go for it all or should he remain as a substitute brother for Sookie?

24% (16) Take a Shot Dude, You're the ONE!
75% (49) Stay like a brother, you're the only "family" she can depend on

65 voters have answered this question.

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