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Okay I know you guys are addicted to Eric Northman, but I'm curious to find out which is your addiction. You can choose as many as you want. Just for fun!!!!

Which sign best describes you?

29% (25) You just know in your heart that vampires are real and you’d like to become one someday.
81% (69) You wish that Eric Northman is not a fictional character.
75% (64) You check the websites for any updates about the release of the next Sookie Stackhouse novel and TB spoilers.
23% (20) You’re a member of every Eric Northman fan websites.
14% (12) Your screen name is associated with Eric Northman (ex. Mrs.Northman, Eric’s Lover, Eric Is Mine, etc.)
40% (34) You spend all day blogging about the book, especially Dead To The World and spend the whole day logged on the ELOT.
56% (48) You think Eric Northman should dominate all forums or discussion boards and voting polls.
20% (17) You write poems and graphic arts about Eric Northman.
62% (53) You’ve memorized all Eric’s lines or scenes.
68% (58) You constantly think about Eric’s love scenes and think it would be with you.
35% (30) You would like to own a Red Corvette.
24% (21) You curse in a different language.
14% (12) You call your husband or boyfriend “Lover”.
51% (44) You smile every time you see a Pink Tank Top and Lycra Leggings.
47% (40) You’re having naughty thoughts when you think of “pencil erasers, bright red bikini style underwear and a .357 Magnum.

85 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2009-03-19 13:47:19 by tattooedred
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