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Is it Bill or is it Bull?

Finally!!! Bill gets his turn in the sun - or moon light since he's a vampire. This week we are highlighting his BEST and WORST moments in Sookiedom. You'll notice that I left out a few things that were submitted. Anything that involved Eric (like shielding Sookie from Maenad's madnes, killing weres in CD) I omitted to keep it totally focused on Bill. I used my judgment that those weren't likely to win anyway unless the EL's like me voted for them just b/c they featured Eric....It''s Bill's week not the Viking so I thought it best to leave him out of the mix. Similarly there were things that might've been construed as "bad" to one side and "good" to another so those were omitted (like showing jealousy) and I didn't want Bill's best moment to end up being something that would be argued over for weeks to come. Also, if I couldn't find a definitive example to attest to in the text I didn't include a few opinionated or "feelings" type suggestion. I hope that was fair; I did my best. :)

Choose FOUR of Bill's BEST moments

23% (21) In DUD & LDID - helping Sookie learn to control and harness her telepathy.
42% (39) In DaaD - Comforting Sookie in the hospital after she was shot by Sweetie.
36% (33) In DUD, Rescuing Sookie from the Rattrays and giving her his blood to save her life and heal her.
8% (8) In DUD, being her "first".
16% (15) In DUD, supporting Sookie after Gran's murder
5% (5) Offpage, helping her with yardwork at night.
10% (10) In LDID, searching for Sookie after she was held hostage by the FotS and then bathing/caring for her after she escaped.
2% (2) In LDID, giving Sookie the topaz earrings.
5% (5) In Daad, being supportive after her house burned and offering his place to her without any strings.
1% (1) In Daad, giving Charles a daytime resting place after Sookie's fire.
4% (4) In DD, trying to apologize to Sookie for the hurt he caused her when his real reason for returning to Bon Temps was revealed.
24% (22) In FDTW, the "I'd die for her" speech.
1% (1) In LDID (and following), assisting the Bellefleurs financially once he learns of their connection to him.
0% (0) In LDID, coming to the orgy to check on Sookie and make sure she was safe.
42% (39) In CD, not betraying Sookie's name to Lorena - even under severe torture.
3% (3) In DUD, going with Sookie to Fangtasia so she can investigate the serial murders in Bon Temps.
15% (14) In DUD, making Sookie feel like a normal woman for the first time when they're dating.
1% (1) In DUD, sharing his past experiences in the civil war with the Bon Temps residents.
2% (2) In DUD, he installs a hottub and shares it with Sookie.
5% (5) Throughout the books, he brushes Sookie's hair to relax her.
14% (13) In DUD, telling Sookie he loves her.
14% (13) In DUD, comforting Sookie after Tina was murdered and then burying the body.
6% (6) In DUD, claiming that Sookie was "his" so the Monroe vamps would not try to feed off her.
1% (1) In DUD, visiting Sookie in the hospital and offering to give Sookie his blood for healing.
15% (14) In FDTW, making the romantic gesture at the Bellefleur wedding - placing his hand over his heart.
10% (10) In FDTW, telling Sookie there had been "only one her".
1% (1) In LDID, being a comforting presence to Sookie during the interviews at Stan's place.
7% (7) In DUD, buttoning Sookie shirt after Gran was murdered so she wouldn't be half dressed when the police arrived.
5% (5) In DUD, spending time with Arlene's kids while Sookie was babysitting.
3% (3) In OWA, coming to be supportive to Sookie when Mr. Cataliades and Waldo arrive to tell her about Hadley's final death.
24% (22) In DD, attacking and decapitating Jade Flower when she won't let go of Sookie.
10% (10) In LDID, post football game reunion sex.
1% (1) In LDID, making credit availabe to Sookie at Tara's Togs.
3% (3) In DUD, sparing Rene's life at Sookie's request even though he wanted to kill him.
6% (6) In DUD, having Uncle Bartlett, the pedophile, killed.
3% (3) In ATD, wanting to come to Sookie's aid when she was stuck with the Dr. Pepper bomb.
8% (8) In FDTW, telling Victor that he would Kill him if he harmed Sookie.

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Now for Bill's worst Moment. Choose Two.

41% (38) In CD, leaving Sookie for Lorena (and cheating on her) without explaining the whole maker/child thing to her.
5% (5) In DaaD, attacking Sam in a fit of anger/jealousy when Sookie & Sam have their passionate moment.
2% (2) In DD, visiting Sookie in the hospital after she was attacked by Jake Purifoy and then blaming Eric for upsetting Sookie.
2% (2) In DUD, man-handling Sookie as though she were a puppet.
1% (1) In LDID, making her feel like a kept woman.
0% (0) In LDID, shaking her violently while blaming Eric for the maenad's attack.
2% (2) In LDID, ordering room service while Sookie was in the next room.
10% (10) In LDID, running off to romp with the vamps in the murderous melee at Stan's mansion instead of checking on Sookie's safety.
2% (2) In LDID, taking other women to cultural events when he never even asked Sookie to go to something nice like that.
6% (6) Throughout, being ignorant or dismissive about Sookie's financial hardships.
48% (44) Pre DD, never taking the opportunity to explain to Sookie that he'd come to Bon Temps on the Queen's orders.
20% (19) In DUD, sleeping with Sookie and taking her virginity under false pretenses and without being honest with her.
10% (10) Throughout, parading women in front of Sookie and around town to make sookie jealous; he's had her blood and knew her feelings.
18% (17) Throughout, knowing Selah had sincere contempt for Sookie, yet taking her around Sookie so that Sookie was forced to wait on Selah and hear her haughty thoughts; he's had her blood and knew how it hurt her, yet he still disregarded Sookie's pain and continued to do so.
5% (5) In DD, expecting the words "I love you" to erase all the damage and make things OK again.
0% (0) In FDTW, walking in on Sookie while she is changing clothes at the Bellefleur wedding.
0% (0) In FDTW, declaring his vow to Sookie and making her a prime and potential target for leverage if they need anything from Bill.
21% (20) In CD, trunk scene.
3% (3) In DUD, leaving Sookie unprotected while a Rene, the murderer, had her focused in his sights as the next victim.
4% (4) In DUD, not doing anything at all when Long Shadow attacked her and tried to kill her.
21% (20) In CD, breaking Sookie's heart by ignoring Sookie and for telling her they needed a break so he could work on his database and for letting her walk out the door in tears.
2% (2) In CD, having the audacity to question Sookie's fidelity when he overhears Alcide's lie to Debbie.
2% (2) Throughout, his treatment of Selah.
0% (0) In DUD, squeezing her arm to bruising while Sookie is speaking to Eric at Fangtasia.

91 voters have answered this question.

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