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This poll is all about ducks!
First of all, do you love ducks?
A. Yes! I loved them the first time I saw them!
B. Yes, they're cute.
C. Let's just say I'm not real fond of them.
D. I HATE ducks! (Then you might as well leave this poll.)
What is your favorite breed of duck?
A. Mallard
B. Crested
C. Other (please list)
D. I love ALL breeds of ducks!
If someone offered you a male and female mallard duck, which would you pick and/or would you accept them?
A. I'd take them both.
B. I'd take them both, but release them shortly after I got them.
C. I wouldn't take either.
D. Male only
E. Female only
F. I'd keep the male and release the female.
G. I'd keep the female and release the male.
H. Other (please list)
Do you keep ducks as a pet?
A. Yes I do!
B. Yes, but I plan on releasing them.
C. I used to.
D. No, but I plan on it.
E. Never have, never will.
This poll was created on 2010-05-23 18:33:37 by Horseluverz23