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This poll is all about ducks!

First of all, do you love ducks?

39% (11) A. Yes! I loved them the first time I saw them!
39% (11) B. Yes, they're cute.
21% (6) C. Let's just say I'm not real fond of them.
0% (0) D. I HATE ducks! (Then you might as well leave this poll.)

28 voters have answered this question.

What is your favorite breed of duck?

25% (7) A. Mallard
3% (1) B. Crested
14% (4) C. Other (please list)
57% (16) D. I love ALL breeds of ducks!

28 voters have answered this question.

If someone offered you a male and female mallard duck, which would you pick and/or would you accept them?

35% (10) A. I'd take them both.
17% (5) B. I'd take them both, but release them shortly after I got them.
25% (7) C. I wouldn't take either.
7% (2) D. Male only
7% (2) E. Female only
0% (0) F. I'd keep the male and release the female.
3% (1) G. I'd keep the female and release the male.
3% (1) H. Other (please list)

28 voters have answered this question.

Do you keep ducks as a pet?

14% (4) A. Yes I do!
7% (2) B. Yes, but I plan on releasing them.
0% (0) C. I used to.
28% (8) D. No, but I plan on it.
50% (14) E. Never have, never will.

28 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-05-23 18:33:37 by Horseluverz23
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