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Pets / Animals


Have you ever run over an animal? 2021-08-04
I'm curious to know how many people have run over an animal, accidentally or on purpose.
what should i name my kitten 2017-09-12
Ruger Colt Remmy
Girl beat up grown man..? 2017-01-04
How can a girl not have respect for grown man and just walk away, instead of beat him up?
Animal Cruelty 2016-12-08
Animal Cruelty
Animal Cruelty 2016-10-23
Animal Cruelty
Are you a cat or dog person? 2016-10-13
Are you a cat or dog person?
Dog Situations 2016-05-31
What would you do in these dog based situations?
Would you spiders? 2015-12-05
Spiders. Would you?
Animal you would want to be? 2015-12-03
Animal you would want to be?
What animal would you be 2015-11-16
If you were to be a animal what kind of animal would you be? Take this quiz to find out.
Can a female pretend to be my character who gets NAKED revenge on her friend? 2015-06-01
Jason and Sarah were both college freshmen and best friends, despite their HUGE differences. Jaso...
Halsa Owl Vote 2015 2015-03-02
Halsa Owl Vote 2015
Pets 2015-02-09
What are your views on domesticating foxes? 2014-11-17
Foxes are becoming increasingly close to humans, due to loss of habitat they seem to have no choi...
Dog clothes 2014-11-04
Dog clothes
Which pet items would you buy? 2014-10-20
If you came upon a pet accessory business at a craft show, which items would you be most interest...
Who is your favorite warrior cat? 2014-10-09
Who is your favorite warrior cat?
Should cats be allowed outside? 2014-07-07
This is a somewhat controversial topic. Some vets say cats shouldn't be allowed outside, while ot...
Which do you think is cuter? 2014-04-28
Which animal do you think is cuter when they're babies
Littlest pet shop 2012 2014-03-31
Littlest pet shop 2012
Cats or Dogs? 2014-03-10
Which do you like better, cats or dogs?
Halsa Owls 2014 2014-03-03
It's march again and the owner of Halsa the Aromatherapy Shop has put her collection up for a vot...
Lake Erie Center art contest: subject SNAKES 2014-02-25 (closed)
I am trying to find out which image to draw next for an upcoming art contest! I did previous voti...
Frogs 2013-10-28
This is a poll about frogs. This is my first time on this site, so this is just a test.
Dog names 2013-10-11
I have a white / creamy colored miniature poodle, may name him Marley or Gili, but I'd like a Jap...