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Pets / Animals


Whats your favorite animal 2007-08-18
This is probaly my longest poll I have ever made so are you ready to vote
Are you a cat or dog person? 2016-10-13
Are you a cat or dog person?
What animals did you crush underfoot? 2008-10-18
What animals did you crush and why did you do it? Plz post your experiences of animal crushing.
Animal you would want to be? 2015-12-03
Animal you would want to be?
The Best & Worst DOG BREEDS 2006-11-13
Which breed of dog do you feel is the best or the worst in each category?
(For Girls only) Animals Crush: Why do you like it? 2008-09-24
Ok girls please be earnst and if you don´t like it than don´t post there. I would be happy if y...
Werewolf Slaves 2010-01-14
Werewolf Slaves
what should i name my kitten 2017-09-12
Ruger Colt Remmy
Lion vs Tiger 2008-12-14
Who would win a fight between a Lion and a Tiger
Would you spiders? 2015-12-05
Spiders. Would you?
Dogs 2005-09-26
How do you feel about dogs?
GIRLS ONLY : BUG CRUSH!!!! 2006-06-17
Horse Whipping 2007-07-04
Omg, stop whipping horses! They are defenseless animals, they can feel, too, and most of the time...
Disire to see a mythical creature 2013-05-06
We've seen many different kinds of mythical creatures in films and in stories, but if they were r...
Animal Cruelty 2016-12-08
Animal Cruelty
Spaying and castrating animals. 2005-01-07
If you haven't seen my other poll ("Would you want to be surgically neutered?"), I star...
Funny Ragdoll Cats 2009-03-11
Just some questions about the daft things your Ragdoll Cat's done
Dog Situations 2016-05-31
What would you do in these dog based situations?
Which Feivel™ Will You Buy? 2008-03-08
First watch the ad and read the blog at www.chabad.org/647876 . Then give us your input...
Cat Owners 2005-12-28
This poll is for cat owners ONLY!
Animal Cruelty 2016-10-23
Animal Cruelty
Wedgie Story 2012-02-13
A Wedgie Story to share!
Horse Riding 2012-04-16
Survey about horses and riding.
Cats or Dogs? 2014-03-10
Which do you like better, cats or dogs?
Bug crushing... how cruel can kids be? 2006-02-26
The fact of 'bug crushing' is not new... Lot of people don't approve it, but did you do it when y...