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Would You Rather Family Guy

A would you rather collection of questions based on family guy [mostly fart-related]!
Would you rather be Meg[secret best friends with Peter but abused and farted on by him] OR Stewie[evil, diabolicle, genius but is gay and wears a diaper]
Would you rather smell Brian's smelly dog farts OR take a five second inhale of the inside of Meg's hat
Brian's Farts
Meg's Hat
Would you rather smell Peter's butt[he finished a can of beans] to find his wallet OR give boneless Peter[he rolled around in a cow pasture] a complete scrub-down.
Peter's Butt
Boneless Peter's Bath
Would you rather get a massage by Stewie OR drink Brian's "lemonade"
Stewie Massage
Brian's Lemonade [pee]
Would you rather hit on Lois your whole life-never succeding OR spend your whole life as slave to Meg
Hitting On Lois
Slave To Meg
Would you rather be forced to smell Peter's farts until you LOVE them OR marry Meg and NEVER get divorced
Peter's Farts
Married to Meg
Would you rather be Chris' personal fart sniffer OR Stewie's exclusive diaper changer
Fart Sniffer
Diaper Changer
[While in a trapped, locked from the outside room with Stewie who just pooped his diaper]Would you rather eat a diaper load of Stewie's poop, eat his vomit, then lick his butt clean OR suffer through this stench for 48 hours, along with his farts, and eat his vomit produced from the smell
Eat Poop,Vomit, Lick Butt
Suffer Through Smell For 48 hrs., Eat Vomit
Would you rather chew gum Brian just farted out OR chew on Stewie's pacifer[fresh from use by Quagmire]
Brian's Smelly Gum
Stewie's Nasty Pacifer
This poll was created on 2010-06-22 00:49:06 by Anonymous226