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TF2 hats and misc items

Would you want Valve to include more hats in the next major update?
Can't decide
Would you want Valve to include more hats in the next major update IF you would receive your favorite one?
Can't decide
Overall, do hats make TF2 better or more interesting in any way?
Absolutely. They let players be unique.
Better to some degree.
Neither better nor worse.
They make it a little worse, actually, but they don't ruin it.
Would you prefer another way of visually identifying players, instead of by their hats and misc items?
Yes, if it works, it should replace hats.
Yes, but don't replace hats.
No, hats are good enough.
What kinds of hats would you want more of?
Silly hats or joke hats (Whoopee Cap, Magistrate's Mullet, things you wouldn't wear into combat)
Appropriate hats or serious hats (Fancy Fedora, Soldier's Stash, things you'd wear into combat)
Stylish hats or cool hats (Safe-n-Sound, Tough guy's Toque, things you wouldn't wear into combat, but are badass anyway)
None. No. More. Hats. Period.
If you had to choose, would you prefer more multi-class hats, or more class-exclusive hats?
Multi-class hats
Single-class hats
Would you like more cosmetic weapons that have the same stats as the originals, like the Lugermorph and the Big Kill (if you don't have to buy a game to get them)?
Yes, that's a great idea!
Sure, why not?
I'm fine either way.
Not really, they're kind of pointless.
No. Never.
This poll was created on 2010-07-26 17:51:45 by gone2israel