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Despite the fact that Pakistan once stood as a role model in economic structuring for other countries in the region, its progress has faced several hindrances due to ulterior political motives and more recently social instability. Due to these reasons; the government has felt for a long time, the need to keep control of institutions and continue to serve as the financial hub of all activity, inadvertently reducing the overall investments and competition in the country at various instances. Even with recent progress towards liberalization of the market and providing the private sector with greater autonomy – the sector still faces challenges in developing its services according to customer needs owing to still prevalent ‘blockage’ laws, uncoordinated supervision techniques and a lack of overall focus on the industry itself. The problem statement is then presented as: “With recent improvements in the financial sector in Pakistan, certain institutions remain undeveloped in the sense where they are not allowed to reach their full potential. Then as to what extent do financial regulatory bodies play an effective role in developing countries, with specific focus on Pakistan.”

To what extent, do financial regulatory bodies play an effective role in Pakistan Financial Sector?

7% (23) Effective
38% (112) Satisfactory
32% (93) Unsatisfactory
20% (60) Don’t know / Not Sure

288 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2010-08-07 18:14:47 by Shoaib Khan
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