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Are You An Internet Geek?

This is the poll where you can find out if your Internet mad or just average. Maybe this will help you to tell where all the usage has gone on your dongle!
How Many Hours Are you On The Internet Per Week?
0-1 Hour
2-5 Hours
6-10 Hours
More Than 10
How Many Sites Do You Know (Approximate)?
0-1 Sites
2-5 Sites
6-10 Sites
11- 15 Sites
16 or More Sites
Are You On A Shared Computer Or Do You Own Your Own?
I Use A Different Computer In A Friends Or Family's House
I Use A Public Computer
No, I Dont Own My Own
Yes, All Mine
Do You Have A Computer (PC) A Mac Or A Laptop?
A Mac
A Laptop
A Computer
A Mac And A Laptop
A Computer And Laptop
Or Other..
A Computer And Mac
Last Question, Do You Know How To Wire a Computer Up?
Sort Of With A Little Helping Hand
This poll was created on 2011-03-17 19:37:30 by Are You An Internet Geek?