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ab workouts

hey i'm 13,and i have muscle with a bit of fat over it.how do i get rid of the fat and grow muscle at the same time?:)
your abs
8 packs!!I'm RIPPED:)))
ok...just bulging a bit
2 pack
6 pack
flat and soft
bulging a bit(fat) with muscle beneath
flat and firm
4 pack
how old were you when you got 4/6/8 packs?
below 10
after that
whats your fave ab workout if you have 4/6 pack?
whats your workout plan like?
how do you lose fat?(workout suggestons)
what's the most EXCRUCIATING ab workout you've done?(include exercise,duration,reps,sets,why)
This poll was created on 2011-04-06 07:02:37 by trynagetabs