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The 2011 Questy Awards

It's that time again, Folks! Vote Early and Vote Often! The Second Annual Questy Awards celebrates the best of the worst of the year in comics. Created by Donnie Coulter and Jeff Moss of the Watchtower podcast and the Naked Nerd Katherine Curtis, the Questys are much more than just an award show: they are a nerdy celebration, timed to coincide with Toronto Fan Expo. Proceeds from the Questy Awards go to support Epilepsy Toronto. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=147401482002355

Best Message Board Meltdown Moment

34% (22) DC's New 52
12% (8) Marvel Spoils the ending of Death of Spider-Man
32% (21) DC Changes Wonder Woman's pants... then changes them back... then changes them again.
14% (9) David E Kelley dares to make a Wonder Woman TV show.
3% (2) Amazing Spider-Man has tennis shoes!
3% (2) Everyone hates Green Lantern

64 voters have answered this question.

The Best Books We've Never Read Award

15% (10) Green Lantern #67 (Final chapter of War of The Green Lanterns. Came out 2 weeks AFTER the epilouges)
15% (10) Astonishing Captain America (Originally scheduled for May 2011, no sign of it yet)
11% (7) Batman Europa #1 (Solicited for early 2011, but hasn't been heard of since)
25% (16) All Star Batman (Supposed to re-start in Feb)
31% (20) Bullseye: The Target (9 Years and counting, Mr Smith...)

63 voters have answered this question.

The Morbidity Award for Best Death

14% (9) Bucky (Fear Itself)
6% (4) Marla Jameson (Amazing Spider-Man)
37% (24) Peter Parker (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man)
32% (21) -Mogo (War of The Green Lanterns)
9% (6) -Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four)

64 voters have answered this question.

The Comic Book Guy Memorial Award For Worst Idea Ever

14% (9) DC Comics: The DC New 52
9% (6) Dymanite Entertainment: Variant Variant Variant Covers
62% (40) Marvel Comics: The return of the Polybag (along with Variant Polybags!)
1% (1) IDW: Godzilla Retailer Variant Covers

64 voters have answered this question.

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