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Sleepsuits/one pice pyjamas

Heyho, I'm a 16 year old girl. I want to ask you about Sleepsuits. I've got lots and lots of them. Some of them have a front zip, but mostly they zip up the back, wich seems weird becuase I can't unzip a closed back zipper myself. Some are made from fleece for winter and some are made from thin polyester for summer. The summer ones are all with a back zip, because my mom doesn't want me to sleep nacked. The winter(fleece) ones are back zipped too with the exeption of two or three for whem my parents are on holiday. When I'm at a sleepover I have to wear a back zip one. I even have some grounded-sleepsuits, wich have sewn on feet and mittens, back zip and a sewn on open-face hood with littel cat ears. When I'm grounded over the weekend, I have to put it on directly on Friday after school and am only let out to use the loo and shower.
Have you ever worn a sleepsuit?
Yes, fleece, back zip
Yes, fleece front zip
Yes, polyester/ other thin material, back zip
Yes, polyester/ other thin material, front zip
Have your parents/yourself bought it or was it a friends?
Parent's bought it.
Got one myself.
Tried on a friends one
Never worn one, but want to try
Never worn one, don't want to.
If you have one ore more, are they long or short sleeved, long or short legs, mittens etc.
long sleeves
long sleeves with mittens sewn on
long sleeves with take of mittens
short sleeves
long legs
long legs with feet sewn on
long legs with take of feet
short legs
Have your sleepsuit hoods?
Yes, with littel cat ears on top
Have you ever been zipped into a back zip sleepsuit and couldn't get out of it without help?
Yes, because I can't unzip a back zip myself
Yes, because the suit had sewn on mittens
Nope, got somebody to unzip me
Nope, can unzip it alone
If yes, why were you zipped in?
Mom/Dad zipped me in
For sleeping
So that I wouldn't sleep naked
Because I was grounded and shouldn't leave the house
This poll was created on 2011-12-28 22:41:56 by myself30