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Cat Dilemma in Cleburne!

How should Cleburne officials solve the Feral Cat Dilemma at Hulen Park?

0% (0) Let nature take it's course--survival of the fittest.
0% (0) Capture the cats and take them to the Animal Shelter for disposition after 3 days.
0% (0) Utilize the Trap-Neuter-Release Program...include Occupy Cleburne Protestors.
0% (0) Everybody with a German Shepard should let them run loose in the park.
0% (0) Organize a Trade Fair Roadrunner Poll-Cat-Poll Cat Patrol.
0% (0) Host a Big Country Radio Caturday in the Splash Station barking lot to give the cats away.

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This poll was created on 2012-01-09 03:02:13 by #1 Cat Fan in Texas
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