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The National Debt.

Currently The US Federal Government is over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. Out of every dollar the Fed is currently spending, 58 cents comes from tax revenues and 42 cents is borrowed. Simply cutting "a billion here and a billion there" will not bring us closer to balacing the budget. Massive cuts in the hundreds of billions or massive tax increaces accross the board, or a combination of both will be needed to remedy our debt situation.
Do you believe that the United States is currently facing a debt crisis?
Not Sure
Do you believe that there should be a Constitutional Amendment requiring a balanced budget?
Not sure
Considering the current rate the Fed is borrowing, how long do you believe the United States can sustain before a budget crisis is created?
The US is in a budget crisis now.
Five years
Ten years
Twenty Five years
There is no debt crisis, The US can go on indefinately.
What Steps should the Fed take to correct the current debt situation?
Raise Taxes accross the board.
Cut Taxes accross the board.
Cut spending/raise taxes.
Cut spending/ lower taxes.
Keep everything the same.
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