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Should i Convert to islam

recently i wanted to convert to islam... is it the right thing to do... and how should i convert
Am i doing the right thing by converting to Islam
Is it ok to wear a Polo Shirt and a Denim/Track Bottom when reciting the Shadah
Polo Shirt Yes
Polo Shirt No
Denim No
Denim Yes
Track bottom yes
Track Bottom No
Shirt Yes
Shirt No
I would prefer wearing a plain coloured Polo Shirt. How many Buttons Should i button up out of 3 ( I normally button all 3 buttons)
All 3 buttons which is your normal style
Button 2 out of 3.
Button 1 out of 3
Button none of them
My Parents are Anti Islam... Should i tell them when converting or keep it a secret till im out of the house
Tell Them
If they Say No
Convert in secret
Convert when im older
This poll was created on 2012-12-12 14:24:58 by 3fullybutton