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Taxes/Tax Cuts

Back in 2001 and 2003 former President Bush signed two tax cuts to his belief, would help the economy grow. Were these tax cuts necessary?

55% (5) Yes. They helped the economy grow.
22% (2) No. They created big deficits and grew the debt.
0% (0) No Opinion.
33% (3) No. The majority of the tax cuts went towards the higher income earners (wealthy).

9 voters have answered this question.

When the great recession began in 2008 President Bush gave tax rebate checks to millions of families and individuals. The checks were only temporary at that time. If the checks were permanent would they have helped us out of the recession?

44% (4) Yes. We love tax rebate checks from the government!
22% (2) Yes but only if the checks were increased by every year.
0% (0) No Opinion.
11% (1) No. The checks came too late and never would of helped us out in.the short term.
44% (4) No. They never worked before so why now?

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As we know that the Social Security Trust Fund is under some tough financial problems. Now its on the verge of bankruptcy. If the government paid back all of $2.6 Trillion would it be better if current and future retirees receive back the SS Taxes and Medicare Taxes they paid during those years they worked.

57% (4) Yes.
28% (2) No.
14% (1) No Opinion.

7 voters have answered this question.

There is a limit on earnings to where you pay SS Taxes. Since the income earners above the limit don't pay SS Taxes, besides Congress, would you tell Congress to end the earning limit and tell everybody to pay into the system?

62% (5) Yes.
25% (2) No.
12% (1) No Opinion.

8 voters have answered this question.

If you were to cut taxes, how much taxes would you cut for Americans?

44% (4) 100% of Americans.
11% (1) 95% of Americans.
44% (4) 50% ot Americans.

9 voters have answered this question.

Is cutting taxes for every American good for the economy?

55% (5) Yes.
44% (4) No.
0% (0) No Opinion.

9 voters have answered this question.

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