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A Poll on Flip-flops

Wearing Flip-flops around in public is not something I really find the appeal of. In fact, unless there was some sort of rule, I'd probably walk around publicly BAREFOOT before I put flip-flops on. I want other people's thoughts. (This is meant for girls, but I guess a boy could answer too...)
Female (Preferred)
Male (Um... guess I can't stop you)
How old are you?
How often do you wear flip-flops? (Provided the right circumstances)
I wear flip-flops almost anywhere I go.
I'll go to some places like a park or school in flip-flops, but there are many where I won't.
I'll go anywhere that's close by wearing flip-flops. Not anywhere too far.
I only wear flip-flops if I'll only be out for a short time.
I don't wear flip-flops anywhere besides the beach, pool, ect.
I don't wear flip-flops.
What's the MINIMUM temperature you'll wear flip-flops in? (Measured in Fahrenheit)
I don't wear flip-flops.
I only wear them if it's BLAZING outside.
65 Degrees
60 Degrees
55 Degrees
50 Degrees
45 Degrees
40 Degrees
30 Degrees
20 Degrees
Less than 20 (O_o)
Which of these places would you willingly wear flip-flops at?
Just Driving
Other person's House
Around Town
Just walking
Nature site
I have decided that flip-flops are pretty dumb unless you're planning to take them off really soon, or as an "Emergency Shoe" that's easily portable. I don't get why people wear them in public places. (But maybe that's just 'cause I'm a guy) Care to explain why you should?
Hypothetical situation: It's raining really hard, and you've just gotten out of your car and charge down the school sidewalk as fast as you can. You're wearing flip-flops for whatever reason. What would you do regarding them?
I'd just leave them on as I enter.
I'd make it to the doors, then take them off inside for a while.
I'd take them off initially and run to the doors barefoot, then replace them inside.
P.S. Someone at school had the same situation that I mentioned above. She decided that she'd take them off inside.
Pretend that you're at a beach with a couple of friends. You stay there for a while, and then they come back, saying that there's a really cool nature trail nearby and that you should go with them on it. You could easily slip a shirt and pants on over your swim clothes, but you don't have any extra shoes other than the flip-flops beside you. What would you do?
I would just turn down the idea. I wouldn't like to hike.
I'd postpone the event until tomorrow, when I could get some hiking shoes.
Get right up and go on the nature trail wearing my flip-flops.
I would go and remove my flip-flops for the trip. I'd just hike without shoes.
I'd go, but first I'd ask if my friend would lend me his/her shoes.
Why do you wear flip-flops? Select from the list below.
Other 3
They're open and good for warm weather AND I don't have to touch the ground.
It's just a socially acceptable thing.
Other 1
They're easy to wear if you're running late or something.
I like to show off my funky socks.
It's the next best thing to going barefoot in places where I can't.
Everyone else it doing it; why not me?
I'm not sure why, I just do.
Their easy to slip on/off or to slip into a bag.
Other 2
Have you ever attempted to persuade someone to wear flip-flops?
If yes, describe the situation.
Rate these footwear choices best to worst (1 to 11), with 1 being the best.
Gym shoes and socks
Gym shoes without socks
Combat boots
Socks only
Bare feet
Explain your top 3 choices. (Optional)
If your boyfriend or girlfriend asked you to come to school in flip-flops for X many days straight, would you do it?
Are there any experiences you wish to share that're on this poll topic?
This poll was created on 2014-04-14 22:03:18 by the unknown