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Parents who spank their adult children

A lot of spanking polls are being taken by adults who are still being spanked by their parents. I am very puzzled by this and want to hear from moms and dads who still spank their kids from adolescence into adulthood.
I am the
Legal guardian male
Legal guardian female
I have adolescent/adult
Age of my son(s) / daughter(s)
What country do you live in?
United States of America
United Kingdom
Mexico/Central America
South America
Australia/New Zealand
Think of this. From 16 & up, in most countries around the world sons and daughters are old enough to drive, vote, serve in the military, own property, get married and have kids of their own. Aren't they too old to be spanked like 8 year olds?
Sometimes the circumstances calls for it.
My roof, my rules, my consequences!
Scenario: Curfew is 12:00 am. Your son and or daughter comes in at 12:05 you____
Remind them of the curfew time and give warning
You listen to the reason why he/she is late
Late is late I'm getting the cane!
Scenario: You spent $$$$ for your son/daughter college education. They are put on academic suspension for getting 5 F's you
Make my son/daughter quit school and find a job to pay me back
Get them a tutor, education is too important
It's obvious he/she was not studying and playing, so we're going to have a Lexan Paddle Party!!!
Scenario: Your son/daughter is 21 & driving back from a bar drunk. They get arrested for a DUI you____
Bail them out and call an attorney
Let him/her sit in jail he/she is on his/her own
Bail them out and take the car keys
When l get him/her home l am getting the belt and lightning that rear on fire! Someone could have been killed!!
Scenario: Your 20 year old son/daughter took a plea for 10 years deferred probation for possession a controlled substance in a school zone. He/she is cocky and minimize the seriousness of this situation______
Make sure the conditions of probation are followed
Get him/ her into rehab
Let him/her know that this could lead to serious prison time
Weekly bun smoking maintenance spanking sessions will happen until he/she understands!
Scenario: Your son/daughter was given a less than honorable discharge from the military_____
I would bust that rear as soon as she/he came home
He/she wouldn't live here anymore
He/she would be on their own with that
The shame would be too deep and wide, there's no right answer for this.
Is there an age when its too old to spank?
Not as long as my kid(s) are in my house
Eventually he/she will have to learn about other consequences if he/she wants to continue to misbehave or be irresponsible in the adult world
Have you spanked in the last 24 hours of taking this poll?
Yes Son(s)
Yes Daughter(s)
Yes Both
For the parents who do not spank their adolescent/adult kids what is your take on the subject?
Kids shouldn't be spanked after middle, high school at the most, spanking an adult after high school is a little much
Spanking your child in their 20s is silly & makes the parent look bad
I have no opinion other than l wouldn't do that
A family in which the parent is spanking an adult son/daughter sound like Jerry Springer stuff. Sorry I just find that downright bizzare!
This concludes the poll thanks! Feel free to share your thoughts on the message board.
To the non-spanking parents of adolescent/adult sons/daughters we are a normal functioning family and not bizarre freaks.
I just spanked my son/daughter(s)
I will spank my son/daughter(s) between now to a one week span for an offense
Nothing going on at the moment all is calm :)
This poll was created on 2014-07-09 20:00:09 by aries44