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Self-driving Cars: Good or Bad?

What side are you on? Be honest in your answers.
(Select all that you agree to) Do believe that if self-driving cars become mainstream, then...
Human jobs will disappear
Traveling by car will be much funner without having to drive
The fun of driving will be taken away
The streets will be safer
People will become even more lazy due to technology
Robots can't handle the task
There would be danger if the car malfunctions and you can't drive it yourself
Humans driving will become illegal due to self-driving cars becoming legal
Perfect driving will become too boring
Production won't last long due to too many lost jobs
Self-driving cars will lead to robots doing everything a human can and humans becoming obsolete
Life will be even better
Sports cars will become obsolete due to self-driving cars never going over the speed limit
There would be no more point in bragging about your car since you're not the one driving it
Any other pros?
Any other cons?
Overall, do you like the idea of self driving cars?
A little bit
I don't care what happens
Mostly yes
Where are you financially?
Lower class
Mid-lower class
Middle class
Mid-higher class
Higher class
This poll was created on 2014-08-07 07:29:55 by Xander Thompson