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Self-driving Cars: Good or Bad?

What side are you on? Be honest in your answers.

(Select all that you agree to) Do believe that if self-driving cars become mainstream, then...

26% (4) Human jobs will disappear
13% (2) Traveling by car will be much funner without having to drive
46% (7) The fun of driving will be taken away
46% (7) The streets will be safer
66% (10) People will become even more lazy due to technology
46% (7) Robots can't handle the task
80% (12) There would be danger if the car malfunctions and you can't drive it yourself
20% (3) Humans driving will become illegal due to self-driving cars becoming legal
26% (4) Perfect driving will become too boring
6% (1) Production won't last long due to too many lost jobs
20% (3) Self-driving cars will lead to robots doing everything a human can and humans becoming obsolete
26% (4) Life will be even better
40% (6) Sports cars will become obsolete due to self-driving cars never going over the speed limit
46% (7) There would be no more point in bragging about your car since you're not the one driving it
0% (0) Any other pros?
0% (0) Any other cons?

15 voters have answered this question.

Overall, do you like the idea of self driving cars?

40% (6) NO
33% (5) A little bit
6% (1) I don't care what happens
0% (0) Mostly yes
20% (3) YES

15 voters have answered this question.

Where are you financially?

13% (2) Lower class
20% (3) Mid-lower class
53% (8) Middle class
13% (2) Mid-higher class
0% (0) Higher class

15 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2014-08-07 07:29:55 by Xander Thompson
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